Saturday, February 21, 2009

~productive day~

Completed by 12pm
~ran 1.10 mile
~60 crunches
~arm weights
~3 diaper changes
~fed breakfast to little guy
~2 loads laundry
~1 dishwasher load
~vacuumed 2 rooms
~showered & dressed
~dressed the little guy
~played countless games of BrainThaw on my iTouch

Still Yet To Do
~1 trip to SuperTarget to prevent having to go to Kroger, Walmart AND Target. Yay!


Heather Nicole said...

ahh man, I wish we had a Super Target! We just have a regular Target. Better than not having one at all tho!

April said...

Ok, since we've become facebook buddies, I figured there's no time like the present to start reading your blog too!! :-)

You are like a Super-Woman or something! I'm impressed! Sadly we don't have any Super Targets here. But I still love my Target. :-)