Friday, February 27, 2009

~91? really!?!?~

~So on Monday night I got my 1st paper back - this was the one on the "cultural plunge" where I attended the LGBT church service.

~It was a reaction paper and I felt that I was VERY honest in my feelings...maybe too honest.

~I got a 91. I thought it deserved AT LEAST a 95. There was NO criticism on the paper AT ALL. The only thing she wrote was "Good Job! I enjoyed reading how you compared this to other church services you've attended"

~I have another paper due in this class on Monday so after class I asked the prof for some feedback as to why I only got a 91. (Yes, it's still an "A") I think I caught her off guard, she had NO negative things to say and in my opinion could not justify why she gave me that grade.

~Did I mention that my prof is a lesbian? I think my honesty worked against me.

~Just sayin!

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Anonymous said...

That's why grades are sometimes just so random, especially on this subjective stuff.