Monday, October 07, 2013


Eating:  still on the Yoplait Black Cherry Greek Yogurt - 100 calories! I usually combine that with a Kellogg's Antioxidant Chocolate Chip Bar...I'm starting to get bored with those though and haven't found a good replacement. :(

Drinking: no changes here. diet dr. pepper, water & Kroger diet orange. I have the occasional iced chai from Starbucks, but I am HAPPY to report that I've cut WAY back!! Woohoo!!

Reading: I've been plugging along with "The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult. So if you know me and my reading habits, you KNOW that Picoult is so NOT the typical author for me....welllllll, a friend mentioned this story being a Holocaust story and that's all it took. Let me tell you - this is AN AWESOME BOOK...whoa!! It's taking me forever to read, but that's primarily due to not having time and that it's a good 450 pages!! 

Watching: yeah, so all 3 of you who read this already know I pretty much don't watch tv anymore...well since I've recently spent a little more time in bed lately due to the fabulous knee surgery, I revisited my love for "Cupcake Wars"...heck, I love baking and I love cupcakes, so of course I'd love this show. I DVR'd a few episodes and watched them over the past few days. I still wish I was a pastry chef!!! 

Blogging: goodness!! next to seen in my history...I don't have much to say or time to say it either.  

Wanting: usually the easiest section for me to answer...however, my aunt just asked for our Christmas lists (!!!) and I have NOTHING on mine. Can't remember the last time that happened. I've really made a point to cut back on buying scrapbooking supplies so there is nothing I want there. As for books, well, I'll take an gift card anytime, but other than that...nothing. 

Loving: the relief that icing my knee brings. amazing. that is also forces me to rest & relax is pretty awesome too. 

Hating: the constant achey-pain I have in my knee the past few days. Doc gave me an arthritis medicine for during the day since I'm completely useless when taking Hydrocodone...and they are almost gone anyway...but frankly, the arthritis med doesn't seem to be helping. :( Today is my first work day w/o crutches. Ouch.

Anticipating: going to see Elizabeth Gilbert with a co-worker friend on November 2nd. Should be a pretty cool event & I'm super excited since authors NEVER come here!!!

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I know what you mean about the blogging thing. I have lots going on in my mind, just nothing worth writing down that doesn't sound like I'm whining.