Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I may need a valium

Down to 9 days before my Comprehensive Exam. 

I'm wigging out!!

Yesterday the 3 of us who are taking the test for School Counseling met for a little study group. One of the gals got the questions that were used for the last 2 Comps sessions to give us a better idea of what they'll be looking for. Instead of calming me, it stressed me out even more.

I know I'll never feel truly "ready" for the test, does anyone ever feel that way? But I'm trying to find a place of peace & comfort that I'll be far it's not working for me.

I'm also having a sleep in, I put E to sleep and instead of getting up to study after he falls asleep, I've been falling asleep with around 9:00-9:30!!! Yikes!! That just stresses me out more since I've lost time studying.

My work supervisor has given me the go-ahead to study a bit at work if I need to which is awesome, however today is a full day of classroom guidance lessons plus one meeting. Right now, my Friday is open but I have about 5 students to pull for individual sessions...I also have to accrue 240 direct contact hours this semester as part of my internship. Right now I have around 70...which is sort of right on track, timing-wise, but which also means I can't entirely afford to go a full Friday w/no direct hours.

I'm just dying for test day to get here and be over with. I need it behind me.

I also just need it to be Monday, October 4 as we don't have to work that day and I'm planning to take E down to a really neat children's museum. So excited for that!!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Whoa! Remember to breathe - that's important. You will be fine, mind over matter is 98% of the battle...

Señorita Andalucíana said...

I'm sure you'll do great :)

I think you need a well-deserved vacation after this!

Good Luck!