Sunday, August 18, 2013

a long list of CURRENTS

Reading: Because of Mr. Terupt...I'll finish this's for 4-6 grades and I wanted to read it first before possibly starting a lunch time book club with some 5th grade students. This book is not only EXCELLENT, but holds some great counseling topics as well.

Playing: play?

Watching: I typically do not watch TV and at this moment I'm watching cars  go by outside the front door of the scrapbook store where I am working today.

Trying: to find happiness. and some alone time. failing at both.

Cooking: Ick!! Not if I don't have to...though I did bake some yummy chicken breasts on Friday night.

Eating: just about anything...struggling with will-power these days and emotional eating is at an all-time high. 

Drinking: gonna start fact, I even had a couple margaritas with my neighbor the other night...hey "anything to get through the day" is my new motto!

Calling: I text more than I call...but most recent calls were my friend Carla, O and my mom.

Texting: pretty much the same as above.

Pinning: scrapbook inspiring stuff and quotes.

Tweeting: only my location...I've gotten lazy with Twitter.

Crafting: did some fun vinyl projects lately, but now that school is back in session, there's no time for anything crafty.

Scrapping: trying to catch up on Project Life.

Doing: just going through the motions. living only the length of my life lately, not-so-much the width. *sigh*

Going: nowhere. unfortunately.

Loving: Ethan.

Hating: that summer is over.

Discovering: a lot.

Enjoying: sleeping.

Thinking: is it bedtime yet?

Feeling: not so great...truth be told...but the cards have been dealt.

Hoping (for): a quick school year.

Listening (to): Sirius

Celebrating: nothing.

Smelling: the yummy hand lotion I just put on.

Thanking: some friends for simply listening.  :)

Considering: riding the Wild Eagle 42 times on Friday!!

Finishing: being walked on.

Starting: my workday.

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