Sunday, September 15, 2013


Time // 6:46pm

Place // Sitting in my desk chair, waiting for a couple friends to come over to help us polish off some taco leftovers from yesterday.

Eating // chicken & pork tacos. Mexican style, of course.

Drinking // Diet Orange from Kroger. Yum!

Reading // "The Boy in the Suitcase" - it's not too bad so far, but I'm anxious to move on to a new book. Also still reading "Raising Happiness" for my school Parents book club.

Watching // nothing really...though "Pretty Woman" is on the TV in the living room right now.

Listening // some crappy song O is playing on the iPod speaker. Blech!

Cooking // Gee whiz....I already said TACOS!!

Blogging // not a whole lot...I really want to get back to regular posts but for some reason I've had a hard time with that. I guess it just boils down to time. Bummer!

Hating // I have not had a good couple months...specifically August and so far September isn't too stellar either...gotta make a change. 

Loving // work!! Can you believe it?!? Never heard me say that before have you? OK, maybe "loving" is a bit overboard, but thankfully our new administration this year has made a world of difference in "my" world. :) Hooray!

Wanting // I want some things to change. I want my (2!) knee surgeries to not cost me a gazillion dollars

Anticipating // The rest of this a sort of nervous and semi-uncomfortable way. Ugh. Total drag really.

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