Wednesday, January 21, 2015


avoiding  thinking about work after work hours. this school year has pummeled me, left me mentally exhausted, a bit "blue" and I'm to the point where as much as I LOVE responding quickly to an email, I'm so very close to taking work email OFF my PERSONAL phone. I've had enough emails from parents on Sunday nights. Or there's the one that came in on Friday of Christmas Break. At 5:30pm. What am I supposed to do w/that? There have been many others that have robbed me of "happy" moments and/or sleep and I've just about had enough of it.  

playing a lot of Trivia Crack. I do love that game, but it takes a bit more time than Words w/Friends, so I'm not sure how long I'll last with it, though I do enjoy it.

planning to let my hair grow a bit more than usual. we will see just how long I last with this plan...I'm looking at it more of a $$ savings plan than a change-my-hairstyle plan. Ha. That should keep me motivated longer.  :)  short hair=lots of cuts=lots of $$

hoping that my new every-other-day of running routine will finally aid in some weight loss. So far, it has not. 

learning that it takes me days to complete one simple blog post anymore.

wishing the scrapbook retreat weekend I just attended with my mom was about 10 days longer than it was. I was so happy & peaceful as I could leave the shitty pieces of life behind and enjoy the crafting time and activities with my mom. We scrapbooked until midnight on Friday and then stayed up in our hotel room until 130am on our iPads. We are such party animals!!

cherishing weekends. and this one will consist of only one day since I'm being forced to work 4ish hours on Sunday. Boo!

thankful for my kind, sweet-hearted little boy. and any & every moment spent with him.

feeling this is a loaded question lately. I'm wondering why one facet of my life can finally be decent/happy/almost peaceful and then another area of my life spirals out of control with unkind (rude) people & a miserable environment. I'm really quite tired of it. For the record, when you are stressed out, it DOES NOT give you free license to be shitty to everyone. By being shitty INCLUDES using a nasty tone of voice when responding to simple questions.

hoping to put together a fun & exciting birthday "party" of some kind for Ethan...first, we weren't going to do a party, then it became maybe a couple friends at our house, now it's a small party...just haven't figured out where. While I would love to save $$ and have it at our house, this is the downfall of working at a private school...our house is ridiculously small and certainly WAY smaller than other students' homes and the last thing I want is for that to become some sort of "issue" for Ethan...hard to believe but 7yos pay attention to "who has the coolest" (or not the coolest) house. This is also the downfall of a February birthday - too cold to do much outside and we'd love to have a killer pinata party, but again, can't do that indoors - at my house at least. :(

adoring bedtime routine time. seriously it's just about the happiest moment of my days. I want to just stay right there and have time stand still. To continue reading to Ethan and bedtime never actually arrives. Fabulous.

wondering why french fries have to be so "unhealthy"...I have recently deemed them my absolute most favorite food...seriously, I love them more than pizza or any other food. I could eat french fries for every meal. But I don't. Because then I wouldn't fit through the doorway.

remembering how much more enjoyable my childhood was compared to life as adult. Well, if that isn't completely depressing, I don't know what is. 

looking forward to running the Castaway Cay 5k in June. This is my current "return-to-real-running" goal. Meanwhile, I'm running every other day - only 2 miles (sometimes only 1 - like yesterday when I was super angry and didn't want to run at all). I'm walking on the other days so I'm always hitting my 10k steps on my Fitbit. Yay!!

listening I've returned to the 80s with Toto, Michael Jackson (!) and Journey lately. 


~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG, people keep asking me if I'm going to cut my hair short again. Not any time soon! I had it super short for over a decade and was ready for a change. And now I'm spoiled. Instead of trims every 4-6 weeks, I can go 7-9 weeks! And when you add in highlights every other hair appointment? Saving SO MUCH CASH.

Perspective is funny. February would be a perfect month for an outside party in Florida. June through October? Not so much. LOL.

*krystyn* said...

Dawn: re: hair, yes exactly.

I should have said Feb here is too risky to plan an outdoor bday wasn't too bad out last year, but 4 days later we were pummeled with snow. Ha!

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! Definitely not a risk here. Might have a frosty morning in February, but definitely not snow! Hee!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I think you were in my mind when you wrote this post. So much negativity with EVERYTHING right now. BUT, we do have french fries - they are my absolute favorite as well. Hope the week ahead is an improvement for you.