Monday, February 09, 2015

random thoughts #hashtagedition

1) I think it's great when people are happy..seriously...good for them...but that overly happy, sappy like talk...that's annoying and I want to tell them to shut up. or smack them. #truth

2) I am beyond happy to have two 4-day work weeks in a row. Not happy that long ago I had planned (mostly in my mind) to make a run for DisneyWorld during this long weekend and it's not gonna happen. #bummer

3) I tried to lift up my co-workers spirit/mood last week with treats and a fun game. It's so interesting to see that those who "needed" to participate in the "pay it forward" bingo game, did not...and the ones who aren't SO in need of it, did. #frustrating #icantfixeverything

4) Ethan turned 7 yesterday. Where in the world did the time go? Also, my house now looks like someone vomited Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all over it. #ethanishappy #wheredoesthetimego #mybabyisgrowingup 

5) It has been really hard to be positive during this school year. There are lots of miserable co-workers and unkind (and unbelievable) behavior. Ugly tone of voice. Add to that the annoying brown-nosers. #drivemetodrinking

6) I need a whole day to myself to read. 5 weeks into the year and I've only read 2 books. That means I'm 3 books behind on my yearly goal. #ihatebeingsobusy

7) If you've been reading here for a while, you know I DO NOT like being crazy-busy...I don't see the "glory"  in it and am not sure why people think being busy makes them so "important"...all that to say that it has really been wearing on me and I'm SO SO tired of always trying to catch up...catch up on the laundry, catch up on the dishes, catch up on reading or scrapbooking....of course those last 2 are the most neglected. #saynotobusy

8) I was all stressed & worried over the weekend about the activity I had planned for 7th grade today. It was something new and very much "out of the box" so I had no idea how it would unfold. I am happy to report it went better than expected and I love that it is something they will likely say was fun and enjoyable AKA I did not stand up there and lecture to them. #pleasantsurprise


~**Dawn**~ said...

Sorry about number 1. That's just genuinely how I am programmed. =/

I don't believe in the glorification of busy either. Busy stresses me out and makes me less productive.

I'm glad that your new activity was a hit! Those pre-teens can be tough to please. ;-)

Beatriz said...

It's always a hit or miss thing with kid activities, glad you got rave reviews!