Sunday, July 17, 2016

Here I am!!!

Hello there!!

I'm still alive...and excited to write this little update etc. post!!

Happy Summer to those who are off work during this time...I got 3 weeks this year and then on July 7, I started my new year round, full-time, back-to-corporate-america job!! And so far, I can happily say that things are going well. The learning curve is huuuuuuge....whoa....being in the school for the last 6 years was a huge technology handicap to me!! Seems strange - like it shouldn't be that way - but wow - the technology in my office is ahhhhmazing!!

So far I have no need for paperclips, staplers or fact, I haven't even printed a single thing on paper yet. When I make copies, they go to my email and I attach them to whatever I'm working on. It's crazy. In a good way!!

Last week was my first FULL week there as well as Ethan's first full week at camp. Thankfully, he is very happy at camp, enjoying it completely and there have been NO tears!! Hooray!!
Side Note: I almost had some tears the other day, but Ethan hasn't had any.

I continue to adjust to my new schedule: a longer work day and working these last few weeks of summer...I know I'll get used to it but I won't lie and say last week was easy. It wasn't.

I'm also anxious to be fully up and running at work and feel like a contributor. That's frustrating for me.

In my (less) spare time, I have squeezed in some running and some reading, but it's a struggle for time.

Oh and one of the biggest challenges in this change is that I am leaving work everyday with only 2-3k steps!! Crap!! I used to leave the school with 6-7k daily...sooooo that's making it hard to get my 10k in, but I did manage to reach the goal every day last week. There is a walking path at work, so I try to make it out there before it gets too hot and do some laps, but I've HAD to get on the treadmill every single day last week. Ugh!!

I just finished reading Glory Over Everything and it was just about as good at The Kitchen House. Loved them both!!

I've started reading The keeps popping up every where and while it's not something I'd normally pick up, I have to see what is so great about it. I'm about 40 pages in now and it's not bad....I am intrigued and interested to see what happens to this (dysfunctional?!) family.

So that's the update for now....a lot of working and a little reading. We didn't even make it to the pool a single night last week..we planned for Thursday and then at 4:30pm a crazy storm rolled in and ruined the rest of the day. Ugh!!

Hoping for better afternoon weather this week!!

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