Saturday, August 06, 2016

Catching up...

Wow - time flies!

I've been at my job for 1 month now and Ethan is starting 3rd grade on Monday!! What?!?!

I really miss blogging regularly but this new schedule is killing me...adjusting slowly.

I do love the insane flexibility...basically I can just about come and go as I need to, for doctor appts and such as long as it's coordinated with my team members and not too many people are out at the same time. Totally do-able.

We went to "meet the teacher" last Wednesday and walked around the school quite a bit. We both had a great time and Ethan seems to be good with going to a new school and meeting new friends. He is definitely excited about being able to wear whatever he wants - though oddly enough, he never complained about wearing a uniform. Ha!

So in general, things seem to be going well for us. I'm happy to have a little more $ than I'm used to and I am LOVING learning something new and being challenged..and let me say, I am definitely challenged..haha - being out of an office/corporate setting for 6 years pretty much killed my tech skills. Oh the things people use Excel for these days. Whoa!!

Oscar has mentioned wanting to update his resume and start looking for a job in town...that would be a nice help now with my new job and longer hours. We will see how that shakes out - we haven't even had the time to work on it because he's only been home on Saturday for the past two weekends, having to drive back to Richmond, VA on Sunday afternoons. Boo!

OK - the bad news...because there always is that last Saturday while running an 8k race (in the rain), my knee (finally) gave out a little bit on me. It hurt, badly. I walked about 1 minute or so and then was able to finish the race running. This has happened to me 2-3 times on the treadmill lately as well, but I've been in denial about it. After the race, my knee was sore the entire rest of the day but didn't seem to swell up. I'm starting to think that my running career may be coming to an end, but I do not want to admit it. I have been really wanting to do the Disney Star Wars 1/2 Marathon weekend next April and of course registration is next Tuesday, August 9th. I'm not sure what to do and if I don't sign up THAT day, then I likely won't get in. :(

I'm also registered for a race weekend Sep 9-10, a 5k on Friday night and a 1/2 on Saturday....3 medals and lots of swag. I am was super excited about it but now I think I'm going to have to cancel...I can get almost all of my $ back. I'm hoping that if I give my knee a longish break, that I'll be able to run the two 1/2s I am signed up for in October. Not to mention being able to run come April 2017. Yikes!!

My reading is taking a hit with this new schedule as well, but I'm just about finished up with "Where'd You Go Bernadette?" --it's pretty quirky but the friends who've read it have left positive we'll see what happens.

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