Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things encountered during the week. **************************************************************************************

1. I'm just finished reading The Cherry Harvest and it's a great book!! My typical genre - WWII historical fiction, though this one is set in Wisconsin, so that has been a very different perspective. Most of my reading time lately has occurred ON the treadmill. #NotEnoughTimeEver

2. I think I am hanging up the 1/2 Marathon running shoes for the year. I'll still do 5k races, but the 13.1s are killing me (and my knee) so I'm resigning from them (until April 2017). I have mixed feelings about this. I set a goal to do 10 this year and I REALLY wanted to accomplish that. The narcissist in me was really looking forward to that Facebook post where I would brag (a little) about meeting this goal *sigh*...anywho...I've done 6 this year. I am/was registered for 2 others, but changed one (this Sunday) to a 5k and the other one is in Charleston, SC and we decided that we aren't going to travel there for me to "just" do a 5k, so we are skipping the whole thing. My husband is happy that we won't be spending the money to travel so it's a win/win, right? Well, I did lose the $ from that race but oh well. 

3. On a brighter note, I'm super excited about this weekend's 5k because all year I've been working as a Race Ambassador (7 Bridges Chattanooga) and in exchange I am getting a free hotel room #bigwin and so we will head down on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the Expo and the day, Sunday morning I will run the 5k and we will have the rest of the day to enjoy the city. A 35ish minute race seems a whole lot better than a 150-minute race. #truth

4. Did you know you can order a FREE (and really awesome) calendar from Shutterfly right now? Hurry though, offer ends Sunday.  Disclaimer: You do have to pay shipping, which for the easel calendar I ordered was $8.73 - still totally worth it as it's super cute! Who doesn't love calendars?

5. Totally addicted to these easy-to-make and delicious cookies!! Pudding Sprinkle Cookies. Yummy!

6. You know what drives me nuts...ppl who quit talking to me for reasons unknown to me. It's one thing to know why someone is pissed at you, but when you are totally clueless (and you're not an idiot) about why someone is no longer speaking to you, that's just ridiculous. Note: I'm not even an out-spoken person on any issues of great I'm really baffled by this...and there are currently 2 people acting this way towards me. #Lovely

7. So Ethan is at the age now where he wants to use my computer to play some of his games. I have gradually allowed it. As I'm typing on a sticky, crusty keyboard, I'm thinking I need to revoke these privileges. #Ick

8. Back to the grind Thursday, where I will put in 20 hours over the two days. Life as a (measly) hourly worker. *sigh*

9. I really want this adorable night light. I have NO need for it. I still want it.  

10. Is this election over with yet? Ugh...can't even enjoy Facebook anymore with everyone's ridiculous posts. 


Fidgeting Gidget said...

A few things to say :
1) don't beat yourself up over *only* doing six halfs this year. That's probably six more than I'll ever do in my lifetime.

2) I feel you on the no time to read thing. I have a huge stack of books on my nightstand plus a few more I really want to read before the year is over. I am listening to an audiobook right now - is that an option for you during work? :) Maybe it'll drown out dumb people.

3). We have a set of couple friends who have basically stopped talking to us for no apparent reason. It is SO awkward and it hurts my feelings SO MUCH, but I honestly don't even know how to handle it, bc there are a couple situations that could be affected if we address it. It's killing me, though. If I did something wrong, I'd like to know it. If I didn't, then I would like to be treated like I used to be treated.....I don't think it's rocket science, but apparently it's more complicated than I thought.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

That is always hard to figure out, isn't it? Someone suddenly not speaking. That would drive me a little nuts.

Those cookies look so yummy! Thanks for sharing...