Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Random Thoughts

It's Fall Break!!!

I'm excited about it, but not quite as excited as I've been in the past, when I've worked in a school.

I took Mon, Tues & Wed off this week to hang out with Ethan and so far we've enjoyed our time together.

Let me back up though...this is after we both came to terms with our Myrtle Beach vacation being cancelled, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew. Bastard!

Since we were supposed to travel there with my dad, we decided to head up to see him on Monday and went out to lunch and enjoyed the day together. It was a great day and we didn't get home until 8:30pm. Phew. Day one was a success!

Today, we headed to Pigeon Forge for some fun. Some of our friends went with us which made it even more fun. Yay! The kids played at Magic Quest and we enjoyed lunch at Mellow Mushroom - yum!!!!

Tomorrow will be insane amounts of fun....taking my car in for service!! We sure do live it up during Fall Break huh? I'm glad to have the time to get this taken care of though. We've had our car now for 1 year and the rear air vents have never worked. We will grab lunch with my mom and probably do a little shopping. I'll even attempt to cut the grass in the evening. See! Exciting!!

Thursday I go back to work for the rest of the week and will work two 10-hour days. Meh. Not a big deal really and since I'm hourly, it works to my advantage because I don't have to take as much PTO for this week. #score

Speaking of being hourly...what a strange thing...I've been "salary" for the past 10 years and it is so bizarre to have to track my hours and such. Oh well.

Also, let me just say that being OFF of work when you know NOTHING is happening (school), is WAY better and more calming than being OFF work but knowing things are happening and things could go wrong while you are out. This is exactly what happened on Monday. It was not my fault, but there was an attempt to throw me under the bus (yet again). Seriously, I feel like I've returned to high school in this new job sometimes. Can't everyone just do what they are supposed to do?!?! 

I need to win the freakin' lottery. 

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