Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Muffin Pan Crayons

As are some pictures of our crayon-creating adventure. 

I'm certain that I was more excited about it than Ethan although he's pretty happy with his big 'ol bag 'o crayons right now. 

My thumb is crazy sore from peeling all those darn papers off the crayons. I probably need a few days of recovery before doing that again.

We (I) made THREE pans of crayons....yep, it's sorta addicting.
Breaking crayons is fun!!

Unwrapping them is not so much fun!

I have no idea what he was saying here...

Big Cheesy Grin!
Finished Product - Batch #1 of 3.

Big Bag 'O Crayons!!
And after posting pics on FB, a friend of mine said she has a silicone heart shaped pan for making these....and yep, she's loaning to me...more crayon making in my future.

Sometimes it really IS the 'little things'.


em said...

SOSOSO cool! I love how vibrant and colorful they are! (That sounds silly because obviously they are colorful...) But seriously, they turned out great! Hopefully E won't eat his... ;)

Sarah said...

Oh man those look awesome! My son doesn't color a lot but I think he would enjoy these and the ease of handling! I think I will try this at some point and you are right - it's the little things that can be the best! :)

lindsay said...

those are so fun! and e looks so big from when i saw him last year!!!