Wednesday, May 18, 2011

things to do

*make a new blog know, for the 3 people that visit here each month...ok yeah, so it's more for me...I need something new up there.

*peel the paper off of a TON of crayons...thanks to my super-creative friend Em, Ethan and I will be making "muffin pan crayons" tonight. Who knew that a perk to working in a school (& being friends w/the art teacher) is that she has a 4ft tall recycle bin of old crayons, of which I helped myself to a few handfuls. Crayon making fun is in store tonight!!

Side Note: it's been fun reading the names on the Crayola crayons...honestly, something I've not done for quite a personal favorites: Purple Mountains Majesty & Outrageous Orange. We didn't have those colors "when I was a kid"

*take pictures of & post (here & on Flickr) the insides of my Scrapbook on the Road mini-album...created for our upcoming summer travels.

*take a picture & complete today's page in my "week of life lists" mini album. I did my page yesterday but didn't take a pic...why is that the hardest part?

*make (at least) a couple more pages for my sample "all about me" album for my scrapbook camp...honestly, with only 8 students enrolled as of this moment, putting together a big fat sample is not too high on my priority list.

*come up with/create/design one more page layout to be made at scrapbook camp.

*purchase paper kits & mini-albums for scrapbook camp.

*cut paper pieces for one of two layouts for scrapbook camp. I really debated about cutting the pieces for the girls to make their pages...I settled on having pre-cut pieces for first layout and letting them cut the pieces for the second.  Hopefully this way we won't have as many errors since I do not plan to have a TON of extra paper on hand...a few maybe, not a lot. We are on a tight budget...hee!

*have a blast for next three days while it's just me and E. 


JC said...

Oooh I want to see photos of the muffin tin crayons. There is something about a brand new pack of crayons and coloring books that make me giddy. I miss coloring :(

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Sorry that last comment was from me and not some crazy stalker. J didn't log out of gmail.

em said...

You are being super creative! I can't wait to see all the photos! You better post them! ;)

And just a little FYI, if you ever want to link to my blog, here is the "intro" address with all the privacy details: