Thursday, May 05, 2011

Summer Tour 2011

*Things sure can turn around quickly these days...

*Just when I thought I'd be working all summer to "get ahead"...O is asked to go to Hilton Head, SC to work for 90 days!!!  This should start late May/early June.

*Oddly enough, E and I already have a vacation trip planned with my dad to Edisto Beach, SC - which is 2 hours from HH.

*Maybe this "Summer Tour" should be called the "South Carolina Tour 2011"...except I just now realized that Savannah, GA is only 50 minutes from HH...woot!! I have FOREVER wanted to go there and O is TOTALLY on-board with that because of the military presence and patriotism displayed in that community. Time to call Paula Deen's restaurant to see about getting a reservation.

*And then when I get totally sick of O...E and I will just drive back home and have some good 'ol "momma & ethan" time. Hooray!!

*Another bright note: so far there are 7 girls signed up for my scrapbook camp...with 1-2 more mentioning that they'll be signing up. Some additional advertising is taking place this weekend, so I'm hoping to get a "flood" (please!) of registrations. 15 would be good. 20 would make me ecstatic.

*And somewhere in there I am planning to join the YMCA (at least for the Summer) with plans to go EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and run at least 4 miles EVERY.TIME.I'M.THERE...they have childcare which means I can pull E from his daycare facility and spend ALL my days with him. 

*Thankful for some good news and stuff to look forward to...of course, that is, if none of it falls through. Ack!!

Side Note: what is happening to the blogging world? A TON of my regular bloggie friends have fallen off the face of the earth...I guess it's not "the thing" to do anymore...even I have not been blogging as much as I once used to. :(  Is Facebook killing the BlogWorld?


lindsay said...

Hooray!! You will have a grand ol' tour of SC :) HHI is not a bad place to "have" to go! I'm happy to be your "halfway house" during any of the back/forth trips!

And... I don't really like FB for much. Looking at pics, leaving notes for friends... I prefer blogging!

Karen said...

Even though it was unexpected, the Hilton Head thing doesn't sound too bad at all! It is definitely super close to Savannah I am sure Paula Deen would love to feed you :)

I had noticed the same thing about the blog world, and facebook somewhat too... It does seem to have slowed down a lot.

em said...

I'm still here!!!

And your "Summer Tour" sounds great...I'm quite jealous! Now if only you were visiting Chicago. And in June when Amy is here!!

Sarah said...

Glad for your good news! Hope you get to have some good times traveling and enjoy your time off. I swear I need to become a teacher because I would love summers off! Have a good Friday and weekend!

Freebird said...

Congrats on the scrap booking class and your vacation.

Nora said...

Hooray for good news about trips! I hope the scrapbooking camp goes well for you :)

Anonymous said...

That all sounds like fun. I would love to go to The Lady & Sons!

And I just wrote two blog posts this week, that's like more than I did for all of April!

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Glad to hear you got some kids to join the camp!

I've been absent a bit but only because I have been SO BUSY :( I've actually got so many things on hold. Hoping to get back to normal soon :)

Hope this summer goes well for you and that you have tons of fun!