Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Want Wednesday

*A lifetime supply of yummy!! Try 'em!! You'll like 'em!

*less debt.

*drip pans...exciting I know, but this is a rather urgent necessity at this point, um considering that I was using the stove last week and one of them caught on FIRE because of so much CRUD on it...awful I know.

*And I'm still aching for an desktop PC has officially DIED so I'm operating with my laptop only, which is NOT at all my preference, but is certainly going to have to do, considering the price of the iMac.

*THIS outdoor patio furniture...right now I have only 2 plastic adirondack chairs on my patio...E is forever wanting to play outside and well, I'd like something comfy to sit on. If I had this set, I'd make a point to eat outside too. It's always been my dream to have a cozy outdoor/backyard area.  And BOO on Target for not letting me copy the picture to post here. Stupid website!!

*And I'd love this Solar Umbrella to go with the patio know, since the umbrellas are NEVER included. *sigh*

*And some cute solar lights or string lights would also make for some great ambiance...


Sarah said...

So, I want that cupcake too - looks awesome! And I need to try the wheat thins stix since I love wheat thins. I also would like less debt. :) Also wanting to buy a mac of some kind but can't decide which one or when. I got my hubs an Ipod touch for V-day and he loves it so I think mac would be a good fit for us, but we can't afford it right now and don't really need it since we have a desktop, laptop and netbook that all work fine. Boo for that. Also, we were thinking about getting a patio set too since we just got some 'bonus' money that wasn't in the budget and have been meaning to get a set ever since our last set fell apart within 2 months of buying it. I HATE how umbrella's never come with the set - so unfair. So to sum it up, I pretty much agree with all you want (not trying to copy, just agreeing). :)
Happy Wednesday!

Amy said...

That cupcake does look yummy! I bought David a mini chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting from Starbucks yesterday. The frosting was so yummy!