Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fake it 'til ya' make it

*so for me that means, "pretend to be  happy as long as you can"...

*I am VERY happy about this 3.5 day work week followed by a 4 day weekend.

*I got the most challenging part of the week out of the way on Monday, so hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the week.

*we have been spending LOTS of time playing in the sandbox lately...

as well as wearing lots of new hats...this one purchased by grandma but picked out by E...he now says he's afraid of the "wolf" though.

*And I've been playing with that Hipstamatic app for taking the above pictures.

*And this one of my cutie-pie taken a couple of weeks ago when we had to get a little dressed up. *so handsome* I love that kiddo!!

*Not sure what we'll do on our day off Friday...I really want to take him to see RIO but not sure if I'm brave enough to go alone AND on Good Friday when potentially 8 billion other kids could be there. Not to mention the rest of the week looks like perfect movie-theater weather - nothing but clouds and rain. It would be only his 2nd movie in a theatre, with the 1st being TS3 last year...just makes me a bit nervous. So the jury is still out on that decision, but I really want to do something FUN for him vs just hanging out at home.


Kris said...

Love your Hipstamatic photos!

Sarah said...

A couple of things.

First, we are thinking about getting a sand table or a sand and water table for the kiddo for this summer ( I think he was too little last summer). What brand/kind did you get? I am thinking of looking on CL as I don't know if I want to spend a lot, but I know he would love to splash the water and he would probabaly like sand too.

Second, he looks so cute in that outfit! I love to dress the kiddo up but we don't do it much and don't have a lot of reasons to, except Easter on Sunday!

Third, that is funny that you took your son to TS3 because we bought our son that for Christmas and he has watched it twice in the last week and just loves it! The weird part is, he doesn't watch much other tv or movies, it's just not his thing, but he loves toy story! Good luck if you decide to take him to another movie! I am debating about when my son would be ready to sit for that long. Maybe not until the fall.

Have a great long weekend! :)

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Maybe there are some kid-friendly theaters in your area? I know that in EP they have a theater that specifically caters to parents and warn singles that children are not a nuisance at that theater.

Otherwise have fun!