Sunday, April 03, 2011


*so my Facebook page as well as my real-life world is blowing up with newborn babies lately...

*as adorable as that may is terribly depressing for me too...indeed E is super fun now at age 3, but I would do anything to go back to his newborn was SOOOO very fun, even all the lack of sleep. 

*It would also be nice to be able acquire more photos of that see, I have next to ZERO pics of him IN the hospital or right after he was born. O and my mom flaked on that completely...I was suffering an anesthesia-like hangover and was kinda out of it for a while so I lacked to remind them. I also took the pediatrician literally when she said not to take E anywhere for 12 weeks (except to his peds appointments) because it was crazy-flu I never took him for a newborn photo shoot...what the hell was I thinking?

*another reason that is depressing is that there will be no more babies born to this (old) girl. :(

*for the past few months just walking thru the baby department of stores is painful...I want to buy a bunch of little outfits etc. I miss that.


em said...

:( I'm so sorry Krystyn. You can come here and live vicariously through Henry if you want!

Sarah said...

You never know what is in the cards for you. Even if you don't have your own, you could possibly adopt a newborn at some point if you wanted to and if it worked out for you! I think if you have the desire, don't give up. If your babe is your only one, that's ok too! I regret not having a newborn shoot too. We have 3,6,9 and 12 month pro pictures, but no newborn. Just our own candid shots but I love all those newborn pics you see from a professional. They are pricless. I am debating about the kid thing....if I want another one or not. Sometimes I just can't see not ever having another newborn, but in some ways, I can't imagine our family any bigger. Who knows.

imogenc said...

I feel your pain (on an utterly different level, though...)

I'm turning 34 in July and have recently found myself forced to deal with the -increasingly loud- ticking of a biological clock I didn't even realise I had :(

Note here that:

a. I, realistically , do not see much (to any) chance of having a baby anytime soon and
b. everyone around me fully expects me to (and lets me know, at every possible opportunity)

and I do believe this might just be bad enough to make you feel better :P

Hang on in there...

Tricia said...

I am turning 41 this year. I never wanted a baby when I was younger, had some brief ticks of the clock around 35 but they passed.

Now I want a baby more than anything and it's just not possible. Just one more reason I'm depressed.

Just hold E close and be glad you have him.