Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long Weekend!

So after much debate about whether to take E to school on Friday or not, I've determined that I have to take him for AT LEAST part of the day, so we'll do a late drop off - around 11am and then pick up after nap time around 3-3:30pm.

At least we get to sleep in! Hooray for that!!

My plan for the rest of the day is as follows:

11am - Drop off E

11:20am - Back home to do 4 mile run on treadmill (!!!)

12:00pm - Shower & Dress

12:30pm - Head to Consignment Sale (& wait in line!) to pick up unsold items and my CHECK! Woot!

1:30pm - Much needed pedicure :)

2:30pm - Hang out at SBUX or other cafe/bookstore and read until time to pick up E.

3:30pm - Pick up my super duper cutie pie & go home to play in the backyard.

Sounds like a great day to me!!!

Right now we have ZERO plans for Saturday, well besides grocery shopping (blah!)...which I may just put off for another day anyway.

Sunday is 9am Mass followed by an Easter Egg Hunt - good times!!

Mom & I have discussed possibly doing the RIO movie with E on Sunday afternoon...we'll see how that works out.

And Monday I'm going to the local scrapbook store for about 5 hours to hopefully do my 3 required monthly layouts for the Design Team and maybe a few more...I have done ZERO scrapbooking for at least the past's been replaced with reading...and the dead PC in the office/scrap area hasn't helped matters. I rarely even go in that room now.


mikki said...

enjoy your long weekend!!! You really do deserve it!!!!! Pixie

em said...

It sounds like a fabulous day! Good for you for taking E to daycare!!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I had Friday off, but have to go to work on Monday - hope you enjoy your scrapbooking time.

Nora said...

Did you see Rio? I really want to see that movie! Hope you had a great weekend :)