Monday, April 11, 2011

the one where I try to write ONLY about positive things

*yeah - let's see if I'll have any success at this post title...

*finished another couple of books recently...The Postmistress by Sarah Blake - I gave it 3/5 stars on I struggled w/this one...even being OBSESSED with the WWII took me just about exactly 50 pages to figure out what was going on AND to decide if I would continue...thankfully it was just the 1st two chapters that were difficult. I hate giving up on a book. The other reason for 3 stars is that the ending was less than stellar. On to the next book...

*Now I'm reading Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt and it is REALLY good and suspenseful so far. I hope to finish it in the next couple of days. 

*I have yet to read a book I've PAID for on my Nook...the past 5-6 e-books have all been from the library which of course are FREE. Love that!! Hopefully in the long run this will help my pocketbook from suffering from my book addiction.

*on Saturday, I successfully dropped off a good chunk of baby clothes at the ginormous consignment sale that will take place next week. hoping i pick up a healthy check on Good Friday when it's over.

*there are only 33 days of school left. 38 workdays left for me.

*13 days to Easter...or when I can freely drink a Starbucks Iced Chai any 'ol day of the week.Yum!

*I just received a coupon for a FREE pound of chicken salad from EarthFare. (yep, I'm stretching to find anything positive I can) :)

*I plan to spend the entire day on April 25 scrapbooking...perk to working in a Catholic school the day after Easter.


Sarah said...

Good job on the positive stuff! I know it is hard sometimes but it's good to focus on the positive. Glad your shcool days left are so low. I wish I was a teacher and had some time off in the summer (or anytime really). I am hoping to sell some of my kids stuff on a consignment sale also since he has nice stuff in good shape. I try CL and it never seems to work. Also, I swear I didn't copy this from you but I am loving the chai tea from starbucks too. What got me started was Bolthouse farms makes these juice bottles and I once tried their chai tea drink and it was sooooo awesome so I tried Starbucks and love theirs too! The only bad thing is how much they cost, but man are they yummy. Hope you have a good week!

K13 said...

@Sarah-I tried the Bolthouse Farms Chai too and while I liked it, SBUX must have some addictive component in theirs that keeps calling me back.

Yeah, the whole point of working in a school (and making ZERO dollars) is to have the summer off...sadly I will probably have to do some temp work this summer, if my scrapbooking camp here @ the school doesn't fill...and it's not looking good right now. :(

Señorita Andalucíana said...

When you talk of vacation time I actually miss being a teacher. However, then I remember I taught HS teens and I make peace with my sparse vacation time.

I was wondering, maybe you can send a reminder note to all of the parents about the camp? It might get some parents into gear, thinking that they won't have to watch their kids during that time. Never know. Are you allowed to send notes home?

Sarah said...

Oh and one other thing I forgot. I also have yet to pay for a book, but on my kindle. I am reading Moby Dick right now. I have probably 20 books on there right now to read, all free. I love that! Also, you could be right about the addictive thing in sbux. I swear it might sound like a conspiracy but some places must put certain ingredients in them to make you keep coming back for more! I think you are on to something. :) And p.s. hope your scrap class fills up so you don't have to do other work!