Thursday, December 06, 2012


eating: nothing too exciting really, though I'm eating a lot "cleaner" than ever before. As proof, I'm down 17.5lbs since 09.14.12. Hooray!! Still hoping to shed another 10lbs!!

drinking: still lots of water. some diet dr pepper and there have been a few SBUX iced chai here and there too.

enjoying: working on my December Daily, though I haven't done much with it yet. 

wishing: keeping my same wishes with hope that they someday come true...that I either had a job that allowed me to work from home or I could be a stay-at-home-mom.

thinking: how fabulous it is that there are only 10.5 school days left until Christmas break. Thank.Goodness!!

missing Christmases of years gone. specifically the years when I was a kid and Christmas meant we were ALL together...all 9 of my itty-bitty extended family. Now Grandma & Grandpa are gone. Aunt & Uncle are divorced. Aunt & cousins live in TX so we only have Christmases together every other year or so. This Christmas is bound to be a LEAST favorite of matter how positive I try to be. That's just the way it is.

believing: that some Christmas magic will happen & make the holiday a lot brighter than I anticipate it being right now.

making: this should be more like "trying to make"---my Project Life of course, in which I am still working on November & now with trying to keep up with December Daily it's even more challenging. And I'm 3 days behind on DD already. 

planning: to have a TON of fun in South Carolina over New Year's Eve this year. So looking forward to that getaway. It's truly the ONLY time a certain someone is calm & able to focus on family & fun.

loving: watching Ethan's JOY at finding "Thomas" (our elf) every morning. He loves seeing all the new places that Thomas chooses to "hang out" during the day. 

listening: some random mixes of music. some Christmas music. some Andrea Bocelli. some country. really not "feeling" a certain kind right now. need something new. 

wishing: that there were more hours in the day...I am feeling so short on time lately. By the time E & I get home, have dinner, dishes, get lunches ready for next day, do bath time, put on PJs, it's time to get into bed. There is NEVER any downtime. I know this is the case for most (all?) working moms, but it is wearing me down. alot. Once Ethan's asleep I always hope to get back up to do scrapbooking but can't muster up the energy and end up just reading a few pages and then going to bed. I'm so ready for the holiday break - though not happy that the first 1/2 of it will NOT be restful or stress-free for me. Ugh.

feeling: tired. see above.

reading Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. It's really good already (50pgs in) and will likely impact my sleep time keeping me feeling tired for a few more days.

wanting anything on my Christmas list  but especially that self-timer remote for my Canon Rebel. Oh how I would LOVE that!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I would love a remote for mine too. That two second timer built into the camera is NOWHERE near long enough for any self photography! It's just long enough to press the shutter and have your hand off the camera for really long exposure times on the tripod shots.

I have been craving something new in music too. It seems singer-songwriter is speaking to me a lot these days. "The Shape of Us," Ian Britt. "Overwhelmed" and "Made to be Free," Tim McMorris. "Home," Phillip Phillips.

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Wow lots going on up in that noggin :) Well aren't you glad that you work in a school? At least you get a nice holiday vaction :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!