Wednesday, December 19, 2012

currently - again.

giving up on: One Little Word project. What a big fat FAIL that was for me. Why I thought I could manage that, Project Life, actual life, working & being a mom is beyond me. In 2013, I will NOT over commit myself...right?

not entirely enjoying: working on my December Daily. Honestly, I LOVE the idea & LOVED my finished product last year, but this year, it's somewhat overwhelming for me & I'm not finding myself so excited to work on it, though I have made a point to have pictures to document every day so far. I know I'll put it all together at some point and I'm really only 3 days behind, it's just that the enjoyment and sometimes my scrappin' mojo is just not there.

worrying: about how I will really manage to complete/stay current on both my December Daily & Project Life when my office gets invaded on Sunday and remains occupied through Friday. Gonna be hard to print pictures etc. Yes, I could go in there, but I choose not to. I will set up a small table in my bedroom w/scrapping goodies, as I am certain it will become my "refuge" for the week. And I WILL need a "refuge" I am sure!!

reading: just finished "Porch Lights" by Dorothea Benton Frank - a fabulous story about Sullivan's Island...can't wait to get there!! Next up is "The Shoemaker's Wife" which my mom and I have decided to read at the same time so we can talk about it. It's a long one....448 pages!! I also (finally) obtained a "real" (read: not electronic) copy of "The Happiness Project" from my public library to look over. I was planning to buy it but then after reading so many mixed reviews, I decided to save my money. I'm anxious to see just what she has inside the pages...a lot of the reviews said there were no "earth-shattering" secrets to finding happiness, so my expectations are low but I'm hoping to be surprised. :) A note about this being a "real" book...while I absolutely LOVE my Nook, I have found that for this sort of book, I much prefer the real thing as it's so much easier to flip back & forth to reference points throughout. 

checking: every single day - my Barnes & Noble Nook book wishlist for any sales on the many books I've been wishing for. :)

believing: that the best days of my Christmas vacation will be the ones spent in South Carolina!! Hurry up December 29th and get here!! In a lot of the books I have read about that area, people speak of how the Lowcountry sort of "captures" you and I truly feel that has happened to me. I find that I am full of peace & joy when there and I will venture to add that a certain other family member of mine has become quite transfixed w/the area & finds it to be a place of calming for him...which in turn helps EVERYONE feel happier. I absolutely love being there.

still loving: watching Ethan's JOY at finding "Thomas" (our elf) every morning. He loves seeing all the new places that Thomas chooses to "hang out" during the day. This has been so much fun this year!!

listening: nothing seems to be calling out to me, so it's been pretty much some random Christmas music every now and then.

wanting still anything on my Christmas list  but especially hoping for a healthy Barnes & Noble gift many books I want to read that I can't get through the library. 


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Elf on the Shelf has just really caught on in Canada this year. From FB, I've loved seeing where your elf finds himself as well!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday - both at home and is SC! Merry Christmas!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I have to say the One Little Word project did nothing for me, even without all kinds of other projects going on. I love reading how others use it, but it just seemed...contrived to me, in the realm of my own life.