Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 in numbers


I put together a little review of 2012 in numbers 

40 yoga classes attended

64 blog posts written (lowest # ever!)

18 pounds lost...and counting.

58 books read

134.03 miles ran

2,184 photos taken (actually more as this is not counting deleted pictures)

11,281 miles driven

And I've looked everywhere to try to see how many *tweets* I sent in 2012 but alas, I could not find a program to help me figure it out...I'm sure it's a lot though. :)


Señorita Andalucíana said...

Happy New Year! Hope X-Mas was great :)

Nice job on the yoga classes! I think I had maybe 1% of that done :( but maybe 2013 will be the year I do more than 1 yoga routine! Maybe ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

I have not looked at how many photos I took. I'm afraid of that number. ;-)