Friday, February 01, 2013


eating: ugh. too much lately, though thankfully maintaining myself within a 1-2lb range. doesn't help that it's cold and dark after work which does NOT motivate me to get to the YMCA as often as I had been.

drinking: still lots of water. some diet dr pepper and there have been a few SBUX Iced Chai here and there too.

thinking: that this 5 day week has seemed like an know, since we haven't had a full week of school since returning from Christmas break.

missing: the beach.

planning: Ethan's big 5th birthday party!! This is his first birthday party with lots of friends (about 20 kids!) and thankfully it is NOT being held at our house - whew - but instead at the preschooler favorite - "Pump It Up" - every parents dream of setting your kids free to run and bounce around for 90 minutes, then off to bed. Hooray!! We are having pizza and a delicious Angry Birds cake. 

believing: that I will sleep very well tonight after a grossly interrupted sleep last night and an overall draining week.

making: a few scrapbook layouts...woohoo...hardly do that anymore with trying to stay up to date on Project Life.

listening: still pretty much stuck to Les Miserables 10th Anniversary concert which includes the fabulous Colm Wilkinson (Original Jean Valjean) and the so very easy-on-the-eyes Michael Ball (Original Marius). Love them!!

wishing: that Ethan was turning 2, not 5. Seriously, where in the world did the time go?

feeling: in a funk. miraculously I can say that I haven't felt this way in quite a while, but this entire week has been emotionally draining. I am tired of my plain 'ol weekly, home, get ready for next day, sleep and repeat. I told O my feelings and he was an amazing listener (!!) and seems to totally "get" that I need a break for ME...hooray!! Saturday I am going to a scrapbook crop. Woot!!

reading: On Folly Beach by Karen White. A good story though it's taken a bit for the story to get *really* good - like "don't want to put this book down" good. Only 100 pages to go...hoping to finish today. So many more good books await.

wanting: a reading nook in my house. not sure where exactly since there is absolutely no room for one, but I'd still like one. 

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Micah Yost said...

I love this concept for a blog post! Really interesting and fun. Great and simple window into your life! I might steal this idea.... :)

Thanks for writing.