Monday, February 18, 2013


eating: ugh. too much junk lately. I feel so derailed & challenged with getting back on track. I absolutely have to thought...I was so close to my (first) goal and now I'm about 5lbs away from it. Darn!! 

drinking: water and diet dr pepper. I gave up Starbucks Iced Chai for's going to be a long 40 days.

thinking: about enjoying our day off today!! Hooray for Presidents Day!

missing: the beach.

planning: short overnight trip during Spring Break.

believing: that even though it will be only a 4 day work week, it will be packed full o' work.

making: a scrapbook layout and trying to get caught up on Project Life. 

listening: still a lot of Les Mis in there. Josh Groban's latest and the two new songs from SMASH!! Love!!

wishing: that every weekend was a 3 day weekend.

feeling: frustrated with eating. rushed during the weeknights. exhausted by 5pm. uninterested in going to the Y most nights. bummed that I won't be at WDW for the Princess 1/2 next weekend. :(

reading: The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan far, so good.

wanting: a lot more time to read. (as always)


Beatriz said...

Story of my life...except for the scrapbooking thing :) 3 day weekends? Let's go for 5 days. Call me an optimist ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

So her second book is better than her first, at least?

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Missing the beach too, need more time, less junkfood in my life would be good and more exercise would be even better. I think it's the February rut we're all in.

Hang tight.