Friday, March 01, 2013


*its' been a while since I've blogged. I've missed it...just can't seem to find the time these days. 

*i went to my 2nd monthly scrapbook crop (miracle!) last Saturday night. Had a blast!! I had to make at least 3 items for the store to display since I am on the Design Team. I was so excited that the mojo was working for me and ended up completing 4 layouts. Woohoo! 

*it's been crazy-cold here the past few days & the weekend will be the same. I plan to stay inside as much as possible...after I get a pedicure after work today. Hee!

*Work has been interesting lately. The entire first semester, things were eerily calm & quiet with very few kids having "issues/problems"...that's a good thing...well, the tides have turned and we seem to be making up for that calmness of days's the approach of Spring that does it - I am convinced - my office needs a revolving door installed. 

*I'm still working on losing weight though I've been at a hardcore plateau since Christmas. I will admit to being a bit less strict with my eating, partially due to needing to change out some food items, but honestly, I'm just happy I haven't gained anything back. I'm just bopping back and forth within a 2lb range. I'm still 2-3lbs from that 20# mark and I really want to get there before Summer. I'm confident that once the cold weather leaves for good, things will go better for me as well as I have skipped a few YMCA visits due to icky, cold, wet weather...Ethan and I just don't need to be out in that. I did attend a great Yoga class last night though.

*Excited to share that Ethan has "eaten breakfast like a Kindergartner" for the past 3 mornings...what that basically means is that he has been up early enough to (want to) eat breakfast at home. I've been telling him for a while that he won't be able to eat breakfast at school when Kindergarten starts. Right now, in preschool he is able to do that, so every morning I am packing his breakfast which he eats around 8:30am. This change has been solely motivated by him and I love it!! I had planned to wait until the summer to work on this so I'm really excited to see him taking charge of it on his own. Hooray!! 

*for those not on my Facebook, last Monday night a bullet entered my next door neighbors home, going through a back window, through rear bedroom, hallway and landing in her front bedroom. We do NOT live in "the hood"...though we do live on the city/county line, just inside the city. There are some idiots who live in the county behind our subdivision who regularly fire their guns on their property -which is stupidly allowed and legal in the county- of course this moron denied shooting our way, which is the complete opposite way that he "supposedly" fires when shooting in his yard. The bullet goes in for ballistics testing on Monday which will confirm the type of gun it came from (.38 or 9mm) and then the police are supposed to go back to his house to match the bullet, but here's another stupid legal snafu for you...he can simply say he doesn't have that type of gun. So essentially there is nothing we can do. Furious!!

*we are now somewhat considering moving...we've talked about it a few times before this happened anyway, we have outgrown our house and I am completely "over" our stupid steep inclined driveway...can't even park in it...nightmare. Of course while we've found houses we would love to buy, the struggle will be selling ours thanks to the lovely neighbor 5 houses down who has abandoned her home and it is listed for $10k LESS than what we paid for our house almost 6 years ago...and the house is basically the same size. It sounds like we DO live in "da hood" now, doesn't it?

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Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Maybe we can work out meeting at your monthly crop sometime. So happy about Ethan being just like a Kindergartener! I think you need to move to Blount County. Now that I think of it, though, that might happen here, too. My girlfriend has been on a low carb, no sugar diet and has 100 pounds in a year, now that's willpower. Bring on the Spring, I'm tired of the crazy-cold.