Sunday, February 03, 2013

Project Life 2013

I'm really going to try to be better about posting my Project Life pages here this while I'm a month behind in is what I've done for PL so far in 2013.

Intro Page

As with 2012, we welcomed 2013 from the beaches of South Carolina - our home away from  home.

Week 1 - Left Side
Week 1 - Right Side
 The day after returning from SC - we enjoyed an afternoon with mom/grandma that included lunch at our favorite spot and a trip to the mall where we ran into our favorite friends!! What a great day!!

Still my favorite part of Project Life - documenting Ethan's current favorite "things"

Week 2 - Left Side

Week 2 - Right Side
 I struggled with a lack of pictures for Week 2 - hence lots of "other" goodies tucked in there!! I do love that it gave me the chance to document some of my favorites/currents as well as Ethan's current obsession with Wild Kratts!!

Week 3 - Left Side
 These pictures from The Little Gym while not the most beautiful of pictures, are some of my favorites so far this year - the PURE JOY captured on Ethan's face brings tears to my eyes. He was SO proud to demonstrate the skills he gained in the last 12 weeks of gym classes. Grandma, Grumps and I were all there to watch him. :) Good times!!
Week 3 - Right Side
Week 3 has been our favorite week of the year so far as it gave us 1.5 snow days and enough snow to play outside and even build a snowman - Ethan and I had SNOW much fun!!

Cathy Zielske put together this fabulous file and blogged about it -
I raced to the website to buy it and include for my Project Life - the answers are hilarious of course.

Week 4 - Left Side
Week 4 - Right Side
Week 4 included silly face pictures, a birthday party for one of E's classmates, E tried out a karate class, new highlights for me and another fabulous snow day (Friday!) - actually due to icy roads. We were at dinner on Thursday night with friends for a Kids Eat Free dinner when we received notification that we'd be off on Friday - that resulted in loud cheers that were heard for miles! :)

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