Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Time // 7:00 a.m.
Place // My desk
Eating // Dannon Light & Fit Greek Cherry Yogurt...just noticed/realized it has 20 calories less than the Yoplait and 4gms MORE Protein. That will be my preferred choice going forward.
Drinking // Diet Dr Pepper. Water. I should probably just eliminate this prompt since the answers never change. 
Reading // It’s not been such a wonderful week for reading, I basically read NOTHING over the weekend thanks to hydrocodone completely knocking me out and/or making the words on the page jump all around. I'm still 6 books behind my goal for the year...guess I shouldn't have raised it this year.  When I do read, however, I am reading The Paris Architect for me and Navigating Early for a 5th grade boys book club. I also just finished reading Counting by 7s for my 5th grade girls book club. 
Watching // DVR'd episodes of Cupcake Wars....the funniest thing is that Ethan WANTS to watch it as well.
Cooking // only if I have to. ick. do frozen french bread pizzas on Sunday count?
Blogging // still not too often. *sigh*
Listening // I'm really enjoying Joe Nichols new album, also "Carolina" by Parmalee and "Sweet Annie" by Zac Brown Band.
Thinking // about how irritating it is when people TELL me HOW to live.
Needing // to feel better about ME and my life. How does one do that exactly?
Wanting // a vacation to one of those cute little "cabanas" ON the water in FIJI. Yeah, like that will happen.
Hating // Not having enough "down/relaxing" time or in other words, rushing around EVERY.SINGLE.DAY after work to get things ready/done for the next day. Not fun!
Loving // sleeping. 
Avoiding // facebook. for a variety of reasons.
Anticipating // the next good book!!

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Anonymous said...

A cupcake truck here is apparently going to be on Cupcake Wars, I think in the next week or two. She's called Kastle's Kreations. I've never eaten one, they're supposedly good, but she made some weird Facebook rants I think last fall or this spring about people pretending to be her or something, so I've stayed away.