Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they’ve encountered during the week, etc.). 


1. OK - I'm done hearing about how fabulous this book is. I've read countless glowing reviews and I'm just going to have to read it for myself and find out. What sealed the deal for me? It's set in the 80s and makes numerous music references. Oh yeah! I grew up in the 80s so this will be awesome.

2. Next week is Spring Break for me. Of course, the weather forecast is pitiful-rainy, not warm & somewhat depressing. This time of year is already challenging for me because I typically stay close to home (not by choice) and then coming back to school I am lucky enough to hear about all the extravagant (no exaggeration) vacations my students took. *sigh* Sometimes I feel like a Downton Abbey servant, living know, "below" everyone else. This year may prove slightly different however in that we may make a quick weekend run out to Folly Beach...only 2 nights, but hey, better than nothing if I get to see the beach & breathe in that fabulous salty air. A chicken sandwich at Poe's will help ease the pain too. 

3. I will be reading this next with my 5th grade book clubs! These kids are a riot. I plan out 4 meetings for book club and they finish the book before the 1st meeting sometimes. Sorta defeats the purpose but oh well, at least they're motivated, right? One of the girls told me she has 166 AR points this quarter. I think they only need about 15....oh to have so much time for reading. And they keep begging me to do book club w/them next year when they are in 6th grade. They don't know yet that once they become 6th graders, they won't want to be seen talking to me as it won't be "cool". Sad, but true.

4. Tonight is my book club, with friends, not students. Yay! We will actually briefly discuss TWO books since we got snowed out last month. We will be talking about "The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe" and "The Story of Beautiful Girl" I absolutely LOVED the Blueberry Bakeshop - like "sad it was over" kind of love!! And for Beautiful was ok, I read it quite a while ago so I won't have much to contribute to that conversation, but it will still be fun to finally get together. 


5. The next book for my book club is "What Alice Forgot" and I'm not sure if I'm terribly motivated to read it.  I'm #13 on the wait list so I guess it'll depend on how quickly that moves.

6. I'm working in Kindergarten Centers today. In Ethan's room of course. Always a good time.

7. Today is a crazy busy day and frankly, I just need it to be 6:30pm which is Book Club time. I have after school tutoring today & then need to get Ethan and RUSH to his TaeKwonDo class. O was supposed to take him but won't make it home from VA tonight as originally planned. This will be a true "chauffeur-mom" kind of day, racing all over town. Best part: Ethan loves book club too as he gets to see his friends there.

8. I'm still chuggin' along with my sad right knee. Still sore, swollen & stiff. Lovely. Not so much. All I'm "allowed" to do in regards to exercise is ride the stationary bike. With NO resistance. BORING! I am doing this however. I've been going on Sundays and a couple Fridays. Weekdays escape me at this point and I changed gyms and this new one, while nicer, is a bit farther away which is a challenge for me. I'm glad I'll have plenty of time to go next week during my pathetic Spring Break. I need some exercise. Badly. Girl Scout cookie season derailed me completely. It wasn't pretty. In other words, I ate an ENTIRE box of Samoas in ONE day...that's 15 cookies. I'm blaming emotional eating for that one, but they sure tasted good. I'm convinced they are laced with some sort of addictive material.

9. I miss running. Never thought I'd say that. But I do. Hoping & praying to be able to do the 2015 WDW Princess 1/2. Please!!!

10.  I'm thinking tonight will be a "stay-up-late-to-read" night. You know, since tomorrow is Friday and all....why not?!?!


Milka said...

Enjoy Eleanor and Park - it is so good, the raving reviews are not lying! I just finished with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell earlier this week and personally enjoyed it even more than E&P.

Christine said...

Love that you do a book club for 5th graders! I used to teach that age and it can be hard to motivate them to read.