Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dorothea Benton Frank FanFest 2014 Recap

Beside the fact that my husband's work truck broke down in Charleston at 3:55pm when the event started at 4pm, the weekend was great!! 

Here are a few pictures from the 1st Annual DBF FanFest...good times!!
This was at the end of our walking tour on Saturday. There was a lunch demo w/DBF & her daughter who is a professional chef, but we did not have tickets for this part of the event.
This was Friday evening after the Welcome and Q&A, DBF signed our books and took pictures.
 Not only is she funny, she is super sweet too!!!

My favorite of all her far!

Walking Tour - one of the few cobblestone streets in Charleston.
I could go on a never-ending walking tour of Charleston...I love hearing about the history.
Apart from the freezing cold temps and wind, it was fabulous!!

Looking down.

Loved the sun rays!!!

This is the view from DBF's back porch...seriously...heaven...Charleston is across the harbor. We also saw a cruise ship depart. What I would do to live in her house....did I mention it's a former Civil War Barracks?!!? Amazing!!

Goodbye breakfast...and more book signing.
What a great weekend!!!
Can't wait until next year!!

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