Monday, March 23, 2015


Dealing: with the return to school/work after a fun & fabulous Spring Break.

Changing: my blogger web address...for reasons mentioned (or not mentioned) in prior post...

Counting: down the days until Summer break...yes, I know we JUST got back from Spring Break. Can't help it.

Enjoying: 2 good books. 1 for fun and the other for a new book club...interestingly enough, I was NOT excited to read this book but it has turned out to be quite interesting. 

Assembling: the new piece to my PB desk...been wanting it for years and finally "bit the bullet" to buy it when they offered some extra reward dollars. Yay!

Trying: to work out every day, though as baseball season begins, I see a quick end to my routine...I had 8 consecutive days with more than 10k steps on my fitbit...that will be hard to do going forward.

Wishing: for way too much to list here.

Hoping: this site is still "viewable" by those who may have been reading previously...

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