Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Watching: still just The Mysteries of Laura...I think there's one waiting for me on the DVR.

Eating: too much of the banana cake I made on Sunday. Yum!!

Drinking: the usual...diet dr pepper, but I am pretty happy to report that I've just about given up on Starbucks Iced Chai...I did have one last week for the first time in almost a month. No more cravings for them. Hooray!! My wallet is also happy about that!!

Reading: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and also trying to finish The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters.

Thinking: it's going to be a great summer, even if I can't get everything done or every place visited that is on my list. 

Trying: to balance work/life, you know, just like every other working mom...it's impossible.

Cooking: made slow cooker lasagna on Sunday along with some oven baked fries. Also made a banana cake. Will be making carrot- raisin bars this week to bring into work too. As usual, more baking, than cooking, but that's how I roll. 

Going: to visit at least 3 zoos this summer. Ethan will love that!!

Discovering: some fun crafts to do with Ethan this summer. Can't wait!!

Starting: to put together a parent presentation I have been asked to do next Tuesday.

Feeling: slightly stressed about aforementioned presentation I've been asked to do. *sigh*

Needing: a bit more sleep....staying up too late the past few nights trying to just get things done!

Wanting: for the construction noises outside my office window to stop for a while...yesterday I had to leave for lunch JUST to get away from the sounds. 

Crafting: trying to catch up a bit on Project Life, received a big picture order on Friday and have yet to put them all where they go.

Enjoying: Ethan's baseball games again now that the drama & stress has seemed to resolve itself.

Loving: watching Ethan get a good hit and run the bases during a game!!

Playing: Words w/Friends and a little bit of Trivia Crack. 

Hoping (for): a whole lot more reading time in the summer...so much I want to read right now and just cannot find the time anywhere.

Listening (to): back on an Alejandro Sanz kick...bought his new album Sirope but am not loving it as much as his older stuff...so I'm back to listening to his older tunes.

Celebrating: the near end of the school year. hooray!

Finishing: the school yearbook...just about. I have LOVED this project too!!

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

You are SO busy - just reading your list has exhausted me!

I don't even have a young child in the house any more, but I'm just amazed at how parents can cope between home, work, pressures of school homework and after school activities. Good for you!