Monday, June 26, 2017

this week in my life...

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* Krispy Kreme glazed cherry pies are 1000x better than Hostess...I never thought that was possible. They are dangerously good. Consider yourself warned. :)

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*Diet Dr Pepper is not having the same delicious taste for me that is has had all these years. I think I've worn out my taste buds for it. Is that possible? Sadly though, I have no replacement.

*Ethan blew me outta the water with his easy transition to being dropped off at sleep-away camp yesterday. He yelled "See you Friday!"....I'm still shocked. But so happy that he is happy!

*Seeing that Ethan was happy yesterday helps me feel less guilty about having the week to myself (after work of course)...for now I plan to go to the YMCA to get some much needed workout time in. I think I'll browse the used book store afterwards. 

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*Thursday night my mom and I are going to the local book store to see author Mary Alice Monroe...we have really enjoyed her books over the past couple years. I love that she writes about the area of South Carolina where we travel to every year for vacation....and where we will be next week. 

*I feel really dumb when I come across a word I don't know. I guess I think at my age, I should know *every* word out there, but clearly I don't. I have been known to go along in conversations acting as if I know whatever mysterious (to me) word was said....only to go look it up later. Confession: just read the word "oenophile"....I was luck, what the heck is that?  Yeah, "lover of wine" my defense, I don't drink wine and I definitely don't love it. But I know what the word means now. 

*Did I mention I have only 3.5 days of work this week. Beyond excited. Seriously. Vacay starts at 12noon on Thursday. Cannot wait!

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