Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ups & Downs

This has been a summer full of ups and downs. I wish I could say more Ups than Downs, but I think it's probably pretty even.

Down: Ethan is miserable at the (main) day camp he is enrolled in, so much so, that yesterday I had to pull him out. Just not a good fit for us this year.

Up: He had a great time at a different camp I enrolled him at in June. Wish he could be all year there, but it's way too pricey. Glad he loved it though.

Down: Since pulling him from camp, I'm scrambling to find coverage for him during the day. A lot of days are covered by my mom and I, since I can work from home, but I have ONE remaining day where neither of us can be with him and I'm quickly realizing we have (almost) no friends (who can help).

Up: He made huge strides by going to sleep away camp and having a wonderful time and successfully sleeping away from home for an entire week...something that rarely happens. He loved it SO much in fact, that now that he's out of day camp, he will spend another week at sleep away camp and he's super excited.

Down: I've reached out to a couple friends about helping us out with E next week and I totally understand when it doesn't work out, but sometimes the responses I get make it seem like I never should have asked them in the first place. THIS IS WHY I HATE HATE HATE asking for help! 

Down: This also makes me wish I had never left that stupid school job...even though it was absolutely awful and 17 other people also quit that year and I would have been miserable this last school year, but at least Ethan would be happy and we wouldn't have all these stupid issues over the summer. At this point, I'm totally willing to take the pay cut to get back into a school...too bad there are no opportunities.

I can't think of any more "Ups" so I'm gonna stop here.

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