Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~getting nowhere~

~I really should be answering ChaCha questions, but I'm SO over it (that I need another word for 'over'...ok take a guess where that line came from?) I'm so tired of questions like "how does sex work" and "what's a blow job"...ugh, please people!!! Besides that, ChaCha has been really slow tonight and so what's the point? They changed the required number of searches per week to 200 down from 300, but I'm not even close to that, so I'll likely fall into the low paying ranks next week and ChaCha no more.

~Not sure if I've ever mentioned this here, but O still has his AZ driver's license because he has not been able to get one here in TN...and here's the (not-so) 'short' story why.....turns out that back in 1994 a guy with the same name AND birthdate was pulled over in New Jersey and given 6 tickets. These six tickets have yet to be paid and as a result NJ put a freeze on anyone with that name & DOB to get a DL anywhere else. Lovely! We've been working on resolving this for about a year now and have made little progress. O made numerous trips to the TN DMV which is how we discovered this marvelous situation. I've since called the NJ DMV more times than I can count, only to be passed on to the Jersey City Court people, which ironically are just as UNhelpful and useless as those @ the NJ DMV. Interesting!! And for the record, O has never been to NJ.

~The reason this is SUCH an issue is because the lovely state of TN requires both insured drivers to have TN licenses and so I've already had to change auto insurance carriers because my old carrier would not renew our policy w/o O having a TN license. I recently rec'd a note from my current carrier with the same 'threat' but miraculously they sent me a new card and I'm ok 'til phew, I have another six months to work this out.

~So much of this doesn't make sense...(1) why do WE have to prove O is not the same person they ticketed...shouldn't the DMVs be able to work this out between them? We've already provided his SS#. I am thinking the NJ person was/is likely undocumented...the only info we have on him is his address (but I doubt he's still there since it was 10+ yrs ago) and his height at 5'11"...we'll O is only 5'8" so maybe that will help in proving something. Also, the tickets only list the dude's name as "Jose Lopez" - there is no "O" middle initial or a Jr. Maybe that will help? I sure hope so. Not to mention that "Jose Lopez" is pretty much equivalent to "Joe Smith"

~Anyway, I finally got a hold of a lady @ the Jersey City Court who was helping me. We filled out a bunch of stuff & sent it back to her etc. She was going to present it to the judge and call me the following week. That was 4 wks ago. I guess she fell off the face of the earth. I've left at least 5 messages and the last time I called her VM said she was out 'til 8/14, so clearly she rec'd my messages since she changed her VM message. Anyway, she listed another contact person for while she was out...guess what...called her...and guess what...haven't gotten a call back from her either. Wow - they are SO helpful!!

~My insurance guy called today. Suggested I contact the Congressman's (C-man) office here. Ok, heck I'll call just about anyone at this point. Since the C-man is actually Federal, I was referred to our State Rep, Tim Burchett. I called his office and told my story (well, O's story really) and the secretary said she will work on it and get back to me. I am SO hoping she is able to help because I'm really tired of getting nowhere with this. I'm feeling hopeful...oh wait, I better not as to avoid being let down. :-)

~Other updates:
(1) still no PT or FT job, heck not even a freakin' interview...apparently I am completely useless - at least it feels that way; my degree and 10 years of experience amount to NOTHING; I was even notified today that I was not selected for a phone interview for a position @ UT which requires fluent Spanish and someone who has lived outside the country for an extended amount of time...last time I checked, I met both of those requirements and I didn't think too many people in TN spoke fluent Spanish. WTH?

(2) no progress on the freakin' lawsuit, this one is starting to frost my a$$...we were giving a 5-day waiting period before filing suit, that 5 day wait was up last Friday. I called for an update today. My lawyer is out of town 'til Monday. His secretary doesn't know if he filed suit, which means he probably hasn't filed the suit yet. Now I get to wait even longer. This has been in progress since 6/6/ patience is running out and quick.

The title to this post is sooooooooooooooooooo appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Okay, your lawyer didn't file the lawsuit. His secretary would've known. If their deadline was Friday, that means he wasn't working on anything, to give them time to respond. And now he's on vacation. This isn't going to be over quick. I think it was bad on his part to even tell you that, without at least saying, that's best case, worst case we go to trial and it's going to take at least a year, if not more.

Here's an idea for the license issue, have people who can verify where O was in 1994 to sign affidavits, swearing that at that time he was in such and such state. Friends, family's, employers, etc.

krystyn said...

Amy-yep, I know he didn't file suit which totally irks me. He is thinking that when he does, that'll push the company to settle since they've done nothing to respond to our previous ltrs. BTW-we are going after the contracting company now since they would have been the actual employer. How much are court costs to file? Is he trying to avoid spending money? WTH?

We may have to do that with O and his situation...I'm gonna see what the lady @ the State Reps office says. If I don't have to deal w/O's family/friends, the better off I am, it would be a hassle to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Court filing here is $150; you can just call the courthouse and ask what is the filing fee for a civil case. I really don't think serving them with a lawsuit is going to make them settle. If they'd wanted to settle, they would have made overtures already. Filing isn't going to do anything except get the case rolling. They'll probably at least want to go through the first initial round of discovery (there's certain things you have to turn pretty quickly after the complaint is filed and the other side answers). So I Just don't see settlement quickly. But I don't know, again if he's done lots of these before, maybe they are a fluke case.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ooo! Ooo! I know that quote! It was when Natasha caught Carrie at Big's & her apartment and Carrie tries to escape down the back stairs, but Natasha chases her & falls. Carrie brings her to the hospital & when Big arrives there, that is what Carrie says to him as she walks out of the hospital.

I'm sorry you're stuck in such a frustrating place. =/

krystyn said...

Dawn-ding ding ding ding -you are CORRECT on the quote. I loved that line!

Heather said...

that is crazy about owen...i share my name with someone but it never go me into trouble but it did get me free upgrades when i took a cruise for the first time!