Sunday, August 17, 2008

~vent of the week~

~The Olympics: This is the last Olympics for Womens my opinion, this couldn't be a worse decision...yet they are keeping "sports" like Kayaking, Fencing & Badminton??? Are you freakin' kidding me? That's messed up!!

~Why do foreign athletes come to live in the US to train to represent THEIR country? That's just wrong! Isn't the Olympics about what country can produce the best athletes?? If so, then those countries AREN'T producing their athletes.

~Lately @ night when I finally lay down, I am consumed with thoughts about past employment experiences (not by choice). I have realized that I truly hated working for Pepsi. I have never met so many people who felt they are due some sort of entitlement...absolutely unbelievable. Managers, hiring managers, HR folks...everyone. Truly a bunch of heartless snobs out to keep others 'down' while they move up (at any cost). There were never any team-building exercises or feelings of camaraderie...just everyone looking out for themselves. Sometimes I even want to send an email to my last mgr telling her what a shitty person she is, but I don't...although it would probably feel really good. I would tell her that if she ever gets pregnant I hope she is left jobless @ 7 months and is repeatedly discriminated against as she searches for another job. Call me spiteful, I am, towards her!!

~Those $5.95 Arby's commercials are absolutely ridiculous AND annoying.

~OK -that's all...I think that's enough. Happy Sunday!!

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