Sunday, August 31, 2008

~self soothing 101 - FAILURE~

~We failed miserably at Self Soothing 101

~He started crying, I tried to calm him but the minute I would walk away, the crying started again.

~I gave him 15 minutes to cry...I couldn't stand it anymore...went in and got him and we went to bed in my bed.

~Don't think we'll try this method again...going to look for alternatives.


Stacy said...

And ya know what...IT IS OKAY! know when I told you in my last comment about how hard it was with my first, did you happen to notice I 'conviently' avoided discussion about my 2nd? Yep~ with Robert (who is 4 yrs younger than Desiree) I was a total pushover. He slept with us until he was atleast 6 months. And then once he started going to bed in his crib he still woke up to nurse & snuggle in our bed until he was about 10months old. AND THEN...(yes there is more) he continued to come into our bed in the middle of the night until he was about 2.

And I totaly beat myself up over it. How could "I" who has a degree in Early Childhood Development with a specializationin "Infancy" let this get so out of control?? Then my hubby, who usually deferred to me on all things baby related said "Stacy do you honestly think he'll be sleeping with us in 5th grade?"

And you know what, he was right. Once I relaxed and went with the flow it all sorted itself out in time. As R. got older he slept with us less & less. We always made sure he went down in his bed & then if he ended up with us later, then so be it. And he has now been content in his own bed for over 4 years. Sometimes when Keith is away at work, I let him sleep with me for a night here or there...but he always ends up back in his own bed.

So don't stress it & just enjoy your boy! :)

krystyn said...

Hey Stacy-
Yep, that's basically the road I've since taken - going with the flow - letting him sleep with me and I'm not gonna force the issue of getting him into his crib etc. I'm just going to enjoy this time, even if I don't get as much sleep as I like....oh well. It'll be worth it!

Freebird said...

Wish I had some advice, but I don't. I didn't breastfeed and my kids stayed in their cribs. The crying till they sleep is easier said than done I'm sure.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Bottom line is he is your baby & you know your & his needs better than anyone. Period. A doctor can "go by any book" they want to but in the end, you have to do what *you* need to do. You will find a way that works for you & E.