Saturday, November 08, 2008

~9 months~

~Whoa...9 months ago today I was about to be wheeled into the OR for a C-section. Seems like yesterday.

~I was grossly unsuccessful at getting some 'good' pictures of E in his 9 month onesie. I will post later, but it was quite a struggle. This mobile thing is quite the challenge. LOL!

~I've decided that he is the most INCONSISTENT sleeper in the world. Just when I start thinking maybe he is taking longer naps or sleeping better@ night - he regresses to his old ways.
~Yesterday was a rough afternoon...he has 3 front teeth coming in @ the same time and his gums were bleeding on and off thru the afternoon. He was not a very happy camper.

~E quickly cheered up when his girlfriend, Mirra brought her parents over for dinner. They played 'til 9pm and he was one tired dude. No book and out in 10 minutes.

~Dad is coming over today for a visit. O is working. We'll go grocery shopping later. That is our Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Ack, five months from now, give or take, I'll be having a c-section! I so didn't want a c-section. But ha! Pretty much every single thing we would have wanted (knowing of course that babies have a mind of their own) we now can't have.

krystyn said...

Yep, a c-section was the ONE thing I really really didn't want, but of course it happened. I broke down in tears (BIG TIME) when the doc told me we had to do it that way. Oh well, on the bright side, the babies come out looking MUCH prettier - no squished heads. :-)

And you get to stay in the hospital 1 extra day!! To this day I wish I had stayed that extra day. I highly recommend you do that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the coming out looking pretty is a bonus. Especially since mine will likely come at least a month early, I figure they'll need all the help they can get in the looks department in the beginning! Who wants to look small, wrinkly AND have a conehead?

Heather said...

christian is doing the same thing with the sleep thing...he does great and then horrible. i just do not get him. must be a boy thing!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ouch on the hurty gums. Poor E. =(