Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well, last night was a complete nightmare...I usually don't get too 'into' elections, but this one got me interested a couple months out. I guess I'm missing something because I DO NOT see AT ALL what is so wonderful about Obama, in fact, I cannot stand to look @ him. I even went to bed before it was over because I didn't want to see people dancing on tables etc. Great history making!

Crap, this debacle has robbed me of sleep as I'm up @ the crazy hour of 5am...hopefully the shock will wear off and I'll be able to sleep once again...

First of all, the words "Democrat" and "taxcuts" don't come in the same sentence. Look @ political history-Democrats NEVER give taxcuts, they raise taxes - how do you think they pay for all those people to be on welfare?

Any American who works hard needs to understand that Obama wants to take your money, and give it to the non-productive part of society. You can’t give tax breaks to people who don’t pay taxes in the first place. It’s called welfare.

Also, since when did middle class America become those making between $100,000 to $250,000...or whatever number they've decided to make it today. That's a lot of money if you ask me and that's a lot MORE than what the 'middle class' makes. It means I'm living in SHEER POVERTY!!!

Read the book "The Appeal" by John will explain clearly how an election can be bought, just like this one has.

Speaking of buying an election, take a look @ this. Yep, nothing like complete disregard for online security, in a time when identity theft is rampant. The Obama Campaign turned off certain security features on their online contribution page, which basically enables anyone in the world with a Visa/Mastercard to make donations in almost any amounts. So, yes, my friends, his campaign was largely funded by foreign contries, including those who you would likely consider our enemies. Lovely!

Still don't think he's a Muslim? He was registered as such during his school years. Did everyone forget 9/11? Apparently so.

Oh, and I MUST have missed where Obama said he was giving free scrapbooking supplies to all who voted for him, because it seems that every scrapbooking blog I read is supporting Obama...blech!

And for those people who say "our country has come a long way since the Civil Rights act" - no it hasn't...this election was bought and there are people (corrupt) behind Obama who made sure he would win. It has NOTHING to do with civil rights advancement.

Thanks his biggest supporters-the media, of course!

Another media-puking example. Nice try, Diane Sawyer! Completely irrelevant!

It's a sad day when a completely INEXPERIENCED person wins the White House and a man who has served his country and government for countless years, including the horrific experience of being a POW is left behind. Sad, very sad. The feminist in me is also saddened.

This is all I'll say about this. It is my opinion, we all have them. It has little worth to others I'm sure, but I don't care. The election won't come up again on my blog and hopefully the next 4 years go by really fast!

OK - I'm getting down off my soapbox. I would say the damage is done, but I'm afraid it's just begun.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so all I have to say is in regard to the Muslim thing. First, even if he was registered as a muslim when he was in school, he could have switched religions. Lots of people do. And second, even if he is, I don't much see that it matters. There are muslims here who would never do what those crazy 9/11 loons did. It's like the people who said Kennedy shouldn't win, b/c he's a Catholic and would do what the pope says. That's my opinion on that.

Chele76 said...

I must chime in with regards to taxes. Are you aware that currently the upper class and large businesses pay less in taxes then the middle class? Bush made many tax cuts that benefited them and hurt the rest of the population. Obama's plans are to even the ground. Take away those upper-class tax breaks and ease the burdon on us, not the other way around.

krystyn said...

As for taxes, I guess we'll just wait and see what REALLY happens but I'm not optimistic - the Democrats have been KNOWN to tax EVERYONE. And since when do the candidates EVER do what they say they are going to do...time will tell.

Stacy said...

Krystyn~ girl you need to move to Alaska because that is seriously the sentiment around here! (Well, that is how all my family is feeling in OH too- yes I know OH went blue & my family back there is livid).

krystyn said...

Stacy-that's funny because O said he'd move to AK so he could fish all the time, but I told him to think about what country he wants to move to - certainly not Canada since they are basically living that same liberal lifestyle that Obama plans to do.

Stacy said...

C'mon up! We would hae a FABULOUS time! Plus, jobs are still pretty plentiful up here! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! I agree! I agree!

Sarah said...

Wow, I realize that this was written a while ago, but it is so hard to find people that agree with me that I just had to comment! I cannot believe how right you are. I am terrified of what is really going to happen to this country now that Obama is in office. I am so sick of someone else getting my money because they are too lazy to work! Also, I cannot believe his stance on abortion. This sums it up pretty well.