Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~just stuff~

~So today I met with the Dept Head @ the university to discuss returning to finish my Masters degree. I have 27 of 60 credits completed, so almost 1/2 way. It really would be ashame to not finish and waste the time & money I've spent so far. If you don't finish in 6 years, you lost everything you've done. I have 'til Summer 2011 to finish.

~I'm pretty sure I'm going to go and finish. It just doesn't make sense not to do it. I guess my only hesitation is that I will have to take out more loans and I really, really, really, didn't want to do that, but there are no other options. I will look for a Graduate Assistantship, but they are hard to come by. If I got one, tuition would be free. Then there is always the issue of childcare. I'm hoping my mom will step it up for me as she's been pressuring me to finish, so hopefully she's willing to watch E more than usual. I guess we'll see.

~The best part of it all is upon completion, I will for the first time ever in my life have true job security. There are always people in need of Mental Health services whereas companies don't always need Recruiters.

~The way the Prof mapped it out, I would finish in Spring or Summer of 2011, depending on how many hours I put into the Intership each semester. I have about 6-7 classes left to do and then the Practicum, which is 100 hours, and then the Internship, which is 900 hours (basically a FT job for 2 semesters). I guess my 40th birthday present to myself will be completing this degree.

~Then to add to the excitement of finishing this degree. During my last semester I would have to take "Comps" (a huge essay test over everything you learned in the program) as well as the NCE test (Nat'l Counselor Exam), which is required and is the 1st step towards becoming licensed. Why am I stressed out about these already? I worried about them when I was taking classes previously too.

~The fun doesn't end there...after I've graduated and am in the workplace, there are 2 more tests to take before being able to be Licensed....oh yeah and I forgot to mention the 3,000 work hours I need to obtain as the last step to finally becoming licensed. That 3,000 hours usually takes 3 years...so it looks like by 2014, I'll be an official Licensed Professional Counselor. Dang, that's a long way away.

~That's the plan for now.

~On the legal front, I spoke with the lawyer today...he actually exists...LOL. I guess the complaint will be filed this week and he actually said that if the company wants to settle vs. going to trial, that he thinks we could be done by Christmas. I'm not going to expect that because he's made a lot of timeline comments that have proved false again and again. It'll either be a really nice Christmas or a really crappy one...it all depends on how fast my lawyer moves.


Mary said...

very cool; i think that's great to get back to school! good luck!

krystyn said...

Thanks! I will need it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's great you're going back to school. You're right, there are always positions available in mental health. Even up here, they're plentiful. And you just pay off the loans, like everybody does. It's annoying, but you'll manage.

Here is my perspective on your lawsuit - they didn't settle at first, so they will at least want to depose you, i.e., they will want to haul you in and question you under oath, because then they will learn not only what you would say in trial, but also what kind of witness you would be. But, if he files the complaint this week, they have 20 days to respond (that's the timeline here). so already, that pushes you to the end of November. Should I keep being such a downer on your lawsuit problems?

krystyn said...

Amy-I don't expect it to be done by Christmas either. It would be a nice surprise, but I don't think it'll happen...at least not with the crapa$$ financial year I've had..why would something good happen now?!?!