Monday, December 22, 2008

-10 things: the letter M-

OK - I'm playing along with Dawn (and others) on the "letter" list...she assigned me the letter "M" so here goes...

1) Mom-my mom and I have a great relationship and I am thankful for that. Back in high school, all my friends wished their mom was as cool as mine. She made a wonderful childhood for me. I'd go back in a second.

2) Michigan! They may have terrible winter weather but I grew up there and it will forever me HOME to me. Michigan has SO many things that I haven't found in all the other places that I've lived. I especially miss going ice skating twice a week...what a fantastic workout that is also loads of fun.

3) Movies! I don't go very often these days but I sure used to enjoy catching a flick or two-even by myself.

4) Margaritaville - the restaurant AND the song.

5) Milo - my crazy boy cat...I have to say though that I love Hula too, even though her name doesn't start with an "M".

6) Magazines - I don't have much time for them these days but I've always enjoyed reading Glamour, People and the scrapbooking magazines. Right now I receive American Baby and Parenting and I at least try to make time for those two!

7) Money - not in the 'all-encompassing' way, but I do love money in a way that allows you to adequately support a household and have a little left over for saving and maybe a vacation in there. The opposite end of this spectrum is not a nice place to be...been there too long now and I'm tired of it.

8) Milk Chocolate - I do love chocolate and yes, I had to add "milk" in there just to be able to use it here, although I don't care for Dark chocolate so I guess it's best to clarify. LOL. I even had to take this one from a suggestion on Facebook, I'm just having a hard time coming up with 10 things!!!

9) MAIL!! - how could I have forgotten this one?!?! I absolutely love getting surprises in the mail - well, not surprise bills though. I also love e-mail too of course.

10) Monitor (as in 'baby monitor) - I love it because it allows me to be in another room and attempt to get things done while E sleeps, yet still be there the minute he wakes up...yeah, so I couldn't come up with a better #10.


Anonymous said...

I love Mail too. I told David last weekend that there is nothing worse than a day where you get no mail. It's depressing. I'd rather get a bill or catalog that I'm going to toss than no mail.

krystyn said...

Amy - that's funny!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

There's nothing wrong with your last item! And you came up with a great list! We have many common loves. ;-) Movies, magazines, milk chocolate, mail. A couple of others that came to mind for me? M&Ms, Mike Lowell (mmmm), McDreamy, mint chocolate chip ice cream. (So & men for me huh?? LOL!!) Oh!!! Magic Kingdom!! See once I get started, I can't stop. =P