Saturday, December 13, 2008

~bah humbug!~

~It's SO not Christmas-y in this tree, no lights, no decor...if I can't get any help, then it's not getting done. I'm sad cuz I would like to put the tree up, but I'm no dummy and once the box comes in from the garage, the remaining 99% of the job will be left for me...while juggling taking care of a 10 month again, it's not happening. (In case you can't tell, I'm not getting much help around here and am feeling QUITE bitter about it right now...must be nice to have 3-4 hrs of UNINTERRUPTED time to watch TV @ night...I don't know the last time I had that opportunity but it was definitely more than 10 months ago).

~O had this bright idea today to go out and buy all the gifts/giftcards that we needed, charge them and then pay them when he gets his Christmas bonus. I was on-board w/this idea as it saves me from the chaos of doing everything in the last 4-5 shopping days. So, we are done shopping and I've wrapped about 1/2 of the gifts. It wasn't even remotely fun. It felt more like a burden than anything to be completely honest.

~I'm not looking forward to going to the post office either - I will probably have to alot 2 hrs for that task. Today we stopped there just to get stamps and there were @ least 30 people in line.

~I wasn't going to bother with Christmas cards this year, strictly for the cost savings, but since we had a family pic taken w/Ethan's 9 month picture session, I figured 'what the heck' - we got those picture cards made and printed w/our names so all I had to do was the envelopes (on my computer printer - mail merge...ick!!!), stuff them and stamp them. All done in one day! Hooray. I sent out 48, let's see how many I get in return...we have 2 so far.

~I'm such a scrooge this year that I don't even care what I get. I really didn't even ask for anything exciting. I was pretty much forced to ask for 'necessities' vs 'wants'...our cookie sheets are totally nasty and need replacing, so I asked for 2 of them. The pillows on the bed are nearly flat, so I asked for a couple of those...yeah, like I said, NOT very exciting. My aunt left her gifts for us here when she came for Thanksgiving and the child in me came out for a brief moment and opened up a gift early - LOL - yay for a SBUX giftcard...I have .65 left on it already. Shhhh, don't tell her.

~Talbots is desperate for help this week. I guess they must be having another big sale. A friend of mine offered to watch E for me and so she will have him Mon, Wed and Thur and my mom will watch him on Tues while I go take clothing orders from rich people all day. (Cuz I need yet something else to depress me these days). I am working 8 hr shifts everyday. I am also working 10-6pm on Sunday (tomorrow).
~I was so excited to do a December Daily album this year, to document the countdown to Ethan's 1st Christmas. Sadly, I made it only 7 days, Dec 1-7 to be exact. Turns out my life just isn't exciting enough to take pictures every day and document something. Now with working this coming week, well, even less chance of anything 'fun' to do...sad but true...

~I got approved for the student loans, now I just wish they would let me know about the GA position.

~I'm an idiot..I should have done it months ago and I did try a couple times but the phone line was always busy...I finally got thru on Thursday and filed for unemployment. I don't know if it will be approved yet, (since technically I quit) won't know for 2 wks. The lady said though that they will consider the entire situation w/the job offer/retraction etc. If it is approved though, then I just lost out on getting $275/week for the past 6 months! With my luck, it will be approved and then they won't pay me for this week (cuz I'll have worked @ Talbots for less money) and then I'll get the GA position and that will dis-qualify me from further unemployment. Could my life suck anymore? I really don't know. I didn't think I could get any lower, but it seems that I haven't quite reached the bottom yet.


freebird said...

It seems like every year that goes by Christmas means less and less. It used to be such a joy. I don't have a tree up, I have easy decorations I could put up, but not going to, and I'm not even thinking about buying anyone gifts. I'm at the point where I don't even feel obligated to it either. A friend called and said she had a gift for me,I thanked her, but told her I would not be able to reciprocate. I know people mean well and its a nice thought when friends or coworkers want to give you a gift, BUT they don't realize it's puts the other person in a weird spot when times are touch.

On a different note, that's BS. O should be helping out a lot more with Ethan. Let me know what happens with unemployement. I doubt that would work in my situation.

Anonymous said...

when is O's daughter coming? She can help decorate the tree. I had to buy a little paper tree with paper oraments, because I obviously couldn't drag all my stuff up here. And I just couldn't imagine us gathering under the mountain goat head on Christmas morning to open what few presents we have.

Stacy said...

I like Amy's idea of having O's dd help decorate. I'm sorry things are so 'blah' for you this year. Kind of thatway here too.... :(

~**Dawn**~ said...

What is the deal with everyone only having received two Christmas cards so far?? LOL! I have only gotten two as well! My guess is that you will have at least a third one though. ;-)

I just got back from the post office & mailing out the various packages I needed to this morning. There were only 3 people ahead of me when I got there at 9:45... Maybe mid morning would be a better time at your post office too?

Mary said...

I got your card and LOVE it! Love that it's a picture of the whole family - very nice!!