Friday, October 14, 2011

time time time...see what's become of me.

*I feel that all I've been doing for the past few weeks is talk about how I don't have time for anything these days.

*I hate that statement "I just don't have time"...really hate it. True or not. Ugh. Where does the time go?

*Recently, I've even had less time for reading...partially due to being so freakin' tired every night and going to sleep at 9pm (or earlier!) instead of staying up to 10:30ish reading like I used to.

*Apparently the 5:45am wake up is catching up with me.

*For the past two weeks, I've also only gone to the Y to run once each week. Pathetic.

*I'm sorta regretting signing up for the WDW Princess 1/2 next February because I know I'll have much LESS time to train than I did for the 2010 race. *sigh* Being the crazy competitor that I am, I know I'll be disappointed if I don't beat my time from 2010...but with the way my running routine is going, or shall I say NOT going, I'll be lucky to finish upright!!

*Some of the things I've noticed that have taken some of this time include: the start of the TV season...i.e. Grey's, Private Practice & House. They are really the ONLY shows I watch (or attempt to watch) on a regular basis. I DVR them but still finding the time to go back and watch them is equally challenging. Last night I pooped out at 9pm with Ethan and so I have both shows to watch...the perk of DVRing is being able to skip commercials and saving a little time that way. Yay. The other time-stealing activity lately - and this is NOT A COMPLAINT - is the lovely fact that my Detroit Tigers are still playing ball in October. Woot!! Finally I'm able to see them on TV, and yet, sadly, I've not been able to stay awake for all of the games (and some of them I've not wanted to be awake for). They head on back to TX for Game 6 on Saturday...I sure hope they can pull off this road win...otherwise it's O.V.E.R....but then, at least they beat the Yankees! Woot!!

*I've also been (trying to do) doing some scrapbooking - making some mini-books...particularly some December Daily books to sell in my Etsy shop. Please check them out, it's a great project to take part in and during such a wonderfully festive month.

*While I'm excited for some fun plans this weekend, I'm also realizing that those plans come at the cost of no relaxing "down time"...Friday nights have become my 'regular' day at the E and I will head up there at 5:30pm when "child watch" opens - he loves playing there--they have a train table!! Saturday we are headed to the mall & scrapbook store w/mom...she had rotator cuff surgery a few weeks ago so she can't drive right now. I desperately need to pick up some shirts for Ethan...he is smack-dab in the middle of sizes right now 3T-4T...3Ts are just a bit too small all over and the 4Ts he nearly drowning of course I'm buying 4Ts but it drives me nuts that he sorta looks like a homeless child in his sloppy clothes. LOL!!

*You know I mentioned last week that we were robbed of our "fall break" this year...the kids got Fri and Mon off, teachers got NOTHING. Everyone is upset about it...we are (were) ALL ready for a break and we did not get it. Sure we got out at 1pm on Monday, but that doesn't make up for it. We will have NO time off until Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, the public schools were off yesterday and today for their Fall Break. Lovely!!  As a result, Ethan has said he doesn't want to go to school every.single.morning this week which is VERY unlike him. When I pick him up, he says he had a great day at school, so I know he likes it there...not to mention he is a little sponge and learning A TON!! They are teaching them all the letters in sign language too. Pretty neat. So anyway, I am taking a Personal Day on Tuesday and cannot wait...E and I will stay home and be the laziest people on Earth that day (for those wondering, I can't take Monday off due to a crazy schedule & the nightmare of rescheduling).

*So that's life in a nutshell...a big nutshell apparently considering the length of this post.  :)

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