Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Rant

*today started off completely wrong, even before leaving the house. fail!

*it's Monday. enough said.

*nothing enticing for breakfast at home so I bought a blueberry muffin @ Dunkin Donuts and it wasn't even that good. AND it was 460 calories!! crap!! I should have just stayed in bed.

*it's 48 right now but will be 34 when I leave work today.

*there is a 30% chance of rain/snow followed by freezing temps which makes forecasters think we may get some (black) ice, which could lead to an "ice day" tomorrow...but what will actually happen is that it will rain & snow all AROUND us and we will get nothing. true story. it's happened before.

*it's my last week on crutches but truth be told, i've been cheating at home and walking...seriously, will one more week make *THAT* much difference, I think not....though it will keep me sane...especially w/all the other garbage i'm dealing with.

*wish people would understand that when you are completely ugly & mean to me for an ENTIRE day, that I will NOT be feeling better the next day nor ready to act like all is lovely. how about some common sense!

*totally forgot to watch Downton Abbey last night. Ugh. Hate when that happens. The only saving grace is that it was DVRd.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

*sigh* Sorry your Monday sucked. Don't you wish you could have crawled back under the covers and stayed there all day? Hopefully today is going better for you.