Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Eating // back to healthy foods...hopefully I can stick with it. 

Drinking // a lot more water.

Reading // Two not-so-stellar books...I just need to get through them. I wish I could just give up on a book, but I have such a hard time w/that.

Watching // Nothing at all. For the most part, that's ok and honestly, I have ZERO time for TV anyway.

Cooking // goodness. when I have time to cook and am actually at home at dinner time, it's something easy like chicken tacos. yum.

Blogging // still trying to more frequently. I guess I have a boring (routine) life as there is very little to write about.

Listening // SMASH soundtrack and "firework" by Katy Perry when it's E's turn for a song. 

Thinking // (1) about what my life will look like in a year. (2) this crazy weather. (3) getting out of town this weekend. thank goodness.

Needing // to win the lottery. I wouldn't even hog all the money for myself. honest.

Wanting // a mental health day. too bad I'm out of paid time off. a day off means no pay. good thing it's a short work week. 

Hating // the change in shape/size of my thighs thanks to not being able to run.

Loving // the excitement in preparing E's Easter basket...the bunny is coming to our house early, just in time to deliver a much wanted "gadget" that will make our Thursday afternoon road trip much more fun for all of us, but especially fun for E.

Avoiding // certain people. truth be told.

Anticipating // the weekend.

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