Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bout of Books - Day 3 progress

Bout of Books

Wednesday was an awesome reading day!! 
Of course it always helps when there aren't 47 things to do after school.
Oh and the neighbor's took E swimming for 90 minutes too!
Total pages read today: 154!!
That's rockstar reading for me...I rarely ever read that much in a day...who has the time?

And The Kitchen House!! Oh.My.Goodness...this book is is done so well and I really didn't want to quit last night, but I was too tired to finish the last 30 pages or so. 
I cannot wait to see how this ends. Some great characters in this one and I'll miss them terribly!


Up next to read:

One of these....just not sure which one...I guess it'll depend on my mood at the moment!!

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