Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Trying: to not be negative today, though yesterday was a Monday from the Hell-Hall-of-Fame of Mondays.

Moving: reluctantly.

Drinking: diet dr pepper and hoping that is enough.

Eating: making better choices here...yay...greek yogurt, almonds, laughing cow cheese wedges, multigrain club crackers...all yummy!!

Wondering: if I'll get any response to the 6 resumes I sent out last night. yes.i.did.

Loving: the end of the work day....more than ever before.

Watching: got back into Grey's Anatomy...just in time for the season finale of course. 

Reading: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom You can find me on Goodreads here

Listening: to a variety of country songs when it's "my" turn...but normally I'm listening to Ethan's music, which right now consists of "eye of the tiger" and Disney music from Frozen, Cars and Toy Story soundtracks.

Thinking: how awesome it will feel to be on summer break.

Needing: a girls getaway...or a scrapbooking day...just something for me.

Wanting: to not have to wish away days of my life just to get to "better" days.

Hoping: today turns out to be a better day than yesterday. it wouldn't be too difficult really.

Planning: final details for summer vacation.

Crafting: absolutely nothing. for some reason, this school year has been busier and it's been harder to keep up on Project Life. As much as I want to continue working on it, when I sit down to get started, I feel overwhelmed and stressed. It's supposed to be fun, but lately is hasn't been.

Remembering: when Ethan was 1-2 years old and I only worked 3 days a week. That was so nice...even if I didn't care for the job, at least it was only 3 days. Every Thursday we met my mom for lunch at McAlister's...such good times. I miss those days.

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