Monday, August 18, 2014

10 things that make me happy today

I was inspired by Sara's post - found here to document 10 things that make me happy today. I'm not gonna lie...this will be a challenge indeed...especially today, it's Monday.

1. "Mom & Ethan time"...I love when it's just me and E...which is quite often really, but yesterday was a great example of this as O had to work out of town, which is rare on a Sunday, so E an I had yet another day to ourselves. We met mom/grandma at the mall for a couple of hours, but the highlight of the day was that Ethan was challenged by his little friend from TaeKwonDo class to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. We quickly gathered what we needed and Ethan was all for can see the video on my FB page and it was hilarious. Lots of comments about his laugh...and I must agree, he has a great laugh. 

2. South Carolina. And that we will be there in 10 days. With our trips to FL and MI this summer and O's crazy work schedule, we never made it to the beach, so we are beach-bound for Labor Day Weekend and I cannot wait.

3. Bout of Books. Starts today...yet one more "incentive" to read (as if I needed it)...hoping for lots of reading time this week. First I need a book though...can't decide what to start next.

4. YMCA. I'll definitely be heading there today after work and even though right now I dread having to go, I know that I'll feel better afterwards. I'm pretty frustrated with my weight right now too since I've been unable to run for 11 months (thanks to my NON-arthroscopic knee surgery) and have gained 11 pounds as a result. Yesterday, I walked at the park, tracked my food intake, drank 7 glasses of water and yet was up 1 pound. Hence why this "happy" post is such a challenge...I'm really not feeling so "happy" this morning.

5. Diet Dr. Pepper. My morning routine includes a stop at ChickFila for a large diet dr. pepper...truly the best tasting fountain drink ever. Sure, McDonalds and Sonic have it too, but it DOES NOT taste as good there. 

6. Disney Dollars. Continually on a mission to earn these. We want to do the Disney Cruise next year (June, I hope) and every Disney Dollar I can earn before then will certainly help, as with all things Disney, it's not cheap!!

7. To-Do-Lists. Who doesn't love a "to-do" list and checking things off? Hoping to feel great sense of accomplishment today as I schedule all my classroom guidance lessons.

8. 3:45. End of the work day. 'Nuff said.

9. My iPad. I love the versatility...I can surf the web while at E's TaeKwonDo classes or I can read my books, check email and/or Tweet. I love technology.

10. People who listen. If I come across someone for this category today, it will make me happy. So far, I've only encountered the complete opposite..those who want to "dump" their frustrations on me and then the minute I open my mouth, they are interrupting me. I work with a gal who is the prime offender in this and she's already graced me with her presence today. I'm so lucky.

Phew...there are my 10. It was NOT easy.


Ashly Star said...

I love to-do lists. Checking things off and tossing the completed list away brings me such joy.

End of the work day is my favorite time of day during the week!

Nice list. Happy Monday!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Great post and you were brave doing it on a Monday. Hope you have a great week!