Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Trying: not to think about my many "problems"...in exchange for an easy, fun & comfortable childhood, I have a crappy & difficult adulthood (at least right now). Ugh.

Moving: not enough to lose any weight, though I've gotten my 10K steps in for the past two days. A lot of walking at school lately. 

Drinking: diet dr pepper and probably a bit too much of it. 

Eating: good choices in the morning and then I fall apart come lunch or later, often due to stressful or ridiculous circumstances sent my way. 

Wondering: oh goodness...too many things to list. 

Loving: 3:45pm

Watching: Ethan play baseball.

Reading: The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff...really good too!!

Listening: sometimes to country, mostly to 80's and occasionally some 70's music.

Thinking: how much longer until Fall Break?  :)

Needing: some changes.

Wanting: to not have to wish away days of my life just to get to "better" days.

Hoping: to hear some response on a resume I sent out recently.

Planning: to pursue more strongly some dreams I've had for quite some time.

Crafting: geesh...not quite enough...a little Project Life and trying to finish up 2 mini-albums. 

Remembering: my high school days. I'd do anything to go back there. Life was so much easier. And happier.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Fingers crossed for you on the resume you sent out. I'm sure that might help fix a bunch of the stress in your life.