Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Medal of Honor

So, see the 2nd man in the picture...that is Sgt.1st Class Leroy Petry, MoH Recipient...he is shaking hands (with his awesome robotic hand) with my son Ethan....who you TOTALLY CANNOT SEE because of those lovely Brownies. 

I want to cry!!!

Ethan was fascinated by Mr. Petry...I'm talking "over the top" the point where on Saturday morning Ethan woke up and said "I miss Leroy!" Too cute!! He then took it upon himself to write "thank you" letters to both Mr. Petry and Ty Carter (far right MoH recipient).

I'm hoping my luck has not run out however, as Ethan got another opportunity to shake Leroy's hand as he was leaving on Friday. There was a professional photographer there in position for a perfect shot and hopefully she got it. Now I just have to find out her name and contact info so I can ask her and hopefully obtain a copy. Why can't things be easier? Ugh!!

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